Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Fascist State killed Kennedy. The Fascist State also killed Oswald. The difference is that they almost got away with the latter. They did get away with it- for half a century. 

But then, in 2013, the ice cracked, the one who cracked it was Maksim Irkutsk, the Russian. And that was followed by a triad consisting of me, the Wizard, and Amy Joyce, and we starting busting it up but good. 

The Wizard's contributions have been gargantuan. It was the Wizard who recognized this man as James Bookhout. 

It was the Wizard who recognized that the correct identification of James Bookhout in the ROTC photo is the short, fat kid in the front row.

Linda Zambanini and Denis Morrissette both tried to say it was the tall, athletic guy on the far right. But that is Tommy Collins.

It was the custom then to sign your name over your image in the yearbook. I suspect that people still do it. And we confirmed it because there were images of Tommy Collins elsewhere in the year book. For instance, he was a member of the Acting Club, and we see his image there. Also something called the Saber Club. So, that is definitely Tommy Collins.

And Amy's contributions have been wonderful. It was Amy who proved that muzzle flash is bogus. It was Amy who found out about them striping Ruby to his shorts. It was Amy who identified the lies and contradictions of the Dallas detectives. It was Amy who noticed the weird grey stripe in the ribbon of the hat in the Jackson photo.

And look! We can see the vertical stripe in the hat on the table. It's the same hat, right? But how could it be? Black:






And if people would just THINK, they would realize that the official story of the Oswald shooting has no legs. The very idea that Jack Ruby would go from sending a $25 money order to shooting Oswald is ridiculous. You can't go from one to the other. One is mundane. It is workaday. It is routine, like picking up milk on your way home. But, the other is both life-changing and life-destroying, and I mean for the person doing the shooting. 

Think about it as a matter of mind: Jack Ruby's mind. He has it on his mind to send a $25 money order to Karen Carlin. He checks it off his list, mentally. What's next? Killing Oswald? You can't go from one to the other. It doesn't follow. They can't be juxtaposed. 

And then the final kick in the pants is that he brings his dog Sheba along? On a killing?

Enough is enough. Jack Ruby was innocent. And it is time for the world to grow up and face it. I don't care how positive you or anybody thinks he or she is that Ruby shot Oswald. YOU ARE WRONG. If that's what you think, you are dead wrong. 

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