Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This video concerns Jack Ruby, and it was made by the late investigator/shock reporter Rick Thorne. It maintains that Jack Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination, which was done by the Mob, and this same Mob ordered him to shoot and kill Oswald.


Near the beginning, it features G. Robert Blakey, the HSCA attorney, who sums up the JFK assasssination by saying, "All the evidence together: the Mob did it." And then he adds that they ordered Ruby to kill Oswald. 

Of course, the whole idea that the Mob did it, killed Kennedy, is ridiculous. If it was the Mob, then why and how could the mainstream media push the lone nut idea? They just got it wrong, did they? Does Mr. Blakey, who is still alive, really think that he is smarter than all of them? 

My despisal of the HSCA, embodied by Blakey and also by Bob Tannenbaum, the idiot lawyer who made a mockery of Oswald innocence at the recent mock trial in Houston, is every bit as great as my despisal of the Warren Commission. In fact, Blakey is much more stupid than the Warren Commissioners. They were cunning, shrewd, and methodical as they went about their Stalinist show trial, but Blakey is just a bumbling idiot. 

You hear the announcer say, "The Mob ordered the hit on President Kennedy and then assigned Jack Ruby to kill Oswald." Assigned? Nobody would take an "assignment" which involved the complete total utter destruction of his own life. Jack Ruby did that? Or else what? What else could be as nightmarish as what he got? What could he possibly have sought to avoid by destroying everything in his life? Harm to his family, you say? But wait. He was concerned about that even after the killing of Oswald. He was afraid for his brothers and his sisters, etc. After he supposedly killed for the Mafia, the threat to his family would have persisted, with him in jail and powerless to do anything about it. The "actually doing it" option would have been an insane choice to make. Would G. Robert  Blakey kill for the Mafia if they threatened his family? No, you say? In that case, you freaking moron, why does it make sense to you that Jack Ruby would?  

It is amazing to me that Rick Thorne, of all people, would base his expose' on the Idiot Blakey. Didn't he know that it was just Government Story #2? This is the government's alternative to people who don't want to accept the lone nut story. It came from the government. 

But, what I really wanted to find out is what evidence is there for any of it? Blakey goes on and on about Ruby being given the "contract" to kill Oswald. The contract? Aren't contracts about mutual terms, equal weighings, and fair exchange? How could Blakey, a lawyer, depict this as a "contract" between Jack Ruby and the Mob when Ruby was going to lose everything?

Then, there is a long depiction of Ruby as mobster, that he worked for Al Capone in Chicago as a teenager. Evidence? None provided. Then, he moved to Dallas in 1947 to help his sister in her nightclub business, and they claimed that Ruby was arrested by Dallas Police 9x. 9x? How could a guy who became as cozy and friendly with the Dallas Police as Ruby was have been arrested by them 9x? We know about the time in 1954 in which he was arrested for not having a proper liquor license, which resulted in this mug shot:

So, let's see the other 8 mug shots from those 9 arrests? What a crock o' bull. Blakey, he's just a freaking idiot, but what about Rick Thorne? How could he do this? 

One of the arrests was supposedly for carrying a concealed weapon. But, Ruby went on to always carry his pistol, concealed. So, I guess he didn't learn anything from that arrest. Again: what a crock o' bull. 

Arrest records don't just disappear. Let's see the arrest records on those other 8 arrests of him by the Dallas Police?

Then, Blakey goes on to claim that Ruby accepted the "job" that the Mafia wanted him to do (killing Oswald) with glee, because now he was going to get to be the full-fledged Mafia hit man he always wanted to be. Blakey, you blithering idiot, he brought his dog along! Did I mention that he brought his dog along? Who would do that if he knew he was going to be arrested? 

But, besides his glee, "he also knows that if he doesn't do it, he's dead." (Blakey) But, how would being dead be worse than the fate he got, Blakey? How can you be so stupid?

Then, Blakey claimed that Ruby went to see the Mob on Friday night, and they said, "Jack, we want you to do us a favor." A favor? A favor is when you lend your neighbor your jig saw. Destroying one's entire life is not a "favor." And if someone asked you for that as a "favor" one's response would be, "Are you out of your fucking mind?" 

Alright, that's it? From now, Blakey is Flakey. You hear me? We are changing his name, here and now, and for all time. It's permanent. He is G. Robert Flakey. And he is the flakiest mudderrucker who ever lived. 

Flakey: "Ruby knew: 'I do it or I'm dead.'

Cinque: He was as good as dead, even worse than dead, by doing it, Flakey. So, nobody. You hear me? I said nobody would act on such a threat by the Mafia by actually doing it. Not even you, and you are the dumbest pluck who ever walked the face of the Earth. 

Then, of course, Flakey pushes the fiction that Ruby went to the Dallas PD Friday afternoon. He did not. 

Then, Flakey claims that Ruby went back to the DPD on Saturday afternoon, which is another lie.

Then, Flakey claims that Ruby knew when Oswald was going to be moved on Sunday because "the cops told him." The only thing the cops told anyone was that Oswald was going to be moved at 10 AM. 

So really, Flakey is claiming that not only did the Mafia put Ruby up to shooting Oswald, but that the Dallas Police helped too by telling Ruby the real time that Oswald was going to be moved. What is the evidence for that, Flakey? There is none. 

But then, they stated that before shooting Oswald, Ruby wired $25 to one of his strippers. But, how HOW HOW could Ruby juggle those two things: tending to his night club business, in a rather trivial, mundane way, and shooting Oswald? Didn't he know that once he shot Oswald that his night club business was going bye-bye? That it was over? Gone? Finished? Kaput? And, did I mention that he brought his dog along. He brought his dog along, Flakey, you freakin' flake. 

Then, get this: they feature Ruby's lawyer Joe Tonahill, who says there is no evidence of any premeditation on Ruby's part. But, how could there not be if he had a "contract" with the Mafia to kill Oswald, according to Flakey? Are they too stupid to realize the contradiction in this? 

Then, they brandish the bit about Ruby intimating what he knows, the real truth, but only if he's taken to Washington. How ridiculous. Ruby knew nothing except what he learned from reading Evett Haley's book, A Texan Looks At Lyndon which made the ridiculous claim that LBJ put Oswald up to killing Kennedy. 

Take him to Washington? Why would he be any safer there? If his jailers at the Dallas County Jail couldn't be trusted, why would Washington jailers be any more trustworthy? And since he was publicly threatening to reveal everything, why wouldn't they kill him on the spot? I believe Ruby was ultimately killed, but only after he was granted a new trial.  

What a despicable thing this video is. The whole gist of it, the whole thrust of it is completely, totally wrong. The truth is that Jack Ruby was just a patsy. He didn't shoot Oswald. The Mafia had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting of Oswald. The Dallas Police killed Oswald, and they bamboozled Ruby into thinking that he did it. They are the bad guys in the story, and more monstrous than the Mafia. What the Dallas Police did on November 24, 1963 and thereafter has to be the worst case of police corruption in the history of police corruption. It is so vile, it is unspeakable. And some of those detectives are still alive. 

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