Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is from a forum in which someone questioned whether LHO was really shot in the garage. He points to things like the two horn honks, one when Oswald first came out and the other right before the shooter rushed in.

So, what do you make of that? The Dallas Police signalling Jack Ruby? How could they be signalling Ruby? If their response was to pounce on him, arrest him, charge him, prosecute him, etc. how could they be working together? Who "conspires" like that? 

"OK, Jack. You rush in and shoot Oswald; then, we'll arrest you and see that you get the death penalty. What do you say?"

So, if they were signalling somebody, it could not have been Ruby. It means that I am right that the shooter wasn't Ruby. 

And, there are a lot of comments, and most of them are supportive, such as this one:

Re: Was Oswald really shot?

Postby Castacoldeye on March 21st, 2012, 11:29 pm
This is an interesting post and I would like to add a couple of items that trouble me.
Captain Fritz recorded in his so-called notes how Lee was cold and requested a sweater.
He was given a choice of two, he chose the black one . It was Lees choice. If you cant see blood on Lees white t-shirt, it his own fault apparantly. We are told he innocently picked a sweater whose colour prevented anyone being able to see blood. Possibly the most important suspect in a hundred years and this captain records this very minor detail while failing to record almost anything of substance.

I have looked at the sequence of events on video and the transfer seems to unfold like this....
1. Lee is to be moved ia an armoured car for everyones safety. When they go to back the vehicle down the ramp they find it is too big. So they abandon that idea. (Why could Lee not walk up the ramp?)
2. They remove the armoured car to allow the other car reverse down the ramp. They back it down and just as it arrives the horns honk and Lee is shot.
3. Out with the car and in with the ambulance, which arrives down the other ramp. When it goes to leave we find its path is obstructed by the armoured car again. They went and backed it in again? Why?
4 When the ambulance does leave it seems to be a different car arriving at Parkland. One has O'Neals written on the door and the other doesn't!

Just one other aspect at the mo., is the reaction of everyone after the 'shooting'.
The police move with speed and complete professionalism.... to block the camera!
You are supposed to have a lot of people reacting to an unforeseen event, yet a number of them seize Lee and remove him from sight. The number of people (2 -4?) who carry him around the corner don't have a discussion about should they move him? Or where to? Nobody says get a doctor or anything. There doesn't seem to be any doubt or panic on this issue. This small group of men act in unison, at speed and as one remove Lee in the bat of an eye.
But why remove him at all?
To get air?
Surely not in that open basement.
For dignity in death?
They wheel him out with his arm trailing along the floor right in front of the camera!
For medical attention?
I would say not.
It just smacks of being pre-planned, with Lee being complicit of course to make it work.
But that is another avenue....

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