Friday, December 22, 2017

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has done an excellent program on the New JFK Show about Sylvia Duran and Oswald's supposed trip to Mexico City. I never realized until watching it the extent to which Sylvia Duran was pressured and abused to support the fiction that Oswald went to Mexico City. Poor woman.  

Larry pointed out that the ONLY evidence for Oswald having stayed at his supposed hotel in Mexico City is his name in the registry. That's it. No images. No witnesses. No tell-tale signs of him in the room. Nothing. 

And, they did a good job of discussing why the Mexico City ruse was ever conceived. Was it to blame the assassination on Castro? I think it's possible that the plotters were originally going to use the JFK assassination as a pretext to invade Cuba. But, that aspect got called off, and probably by LBJ. Was it, as Jim Fetzer suggested, to make it seem that Oswald was going to escape to Cuba after the assassination?  WC Attorney David Belin had it that Oswald was going to escape to Mexico after the assassination, but I have no idea what he based that on. Of course, the whole idea is ridiculous since Oswald didn't assassinate anybody. 

I consider this a very important part of the case. Once you realize that they framed Oswald for going to Mexico City, how could they not have framed him otherwise? And that Larry Rivera has joined the chorus about this is very heartening. 

And note that not only did Oswald deny going to Mexico City, but when first asked, his wife Marina denied it too. She didn't know a thing about it. Of course, over time, she came to parrot everything she was told. The mental subjugation of Marina Oswald is a unique case in the annals of mind control, as extreme as it gets. Oh, but for the monstrous wickedness of it all. 

But, watch this presentation by Larry Rivera because it is JFK assassination research at its finest.

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