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Here is the ultimate irony of Oswald honing in on the P.O. Box as the first thing on his "to-do" list for Marina in the event of his demise: she couldn't gavareach na amagleaskee, which is to say, ella no habla Engles. So, unless something in Russian was going to reach the P.O. Box, she couldn't read it anyway. 

1. This is the key to the mailbox which is located in the main
post office in the city on Ervay Street. This is the same street
where the drugstore, in which you always waited is located. You will find the mailbox in the post office which is located 4
blocks from the drugstore on that street. I paid for the box
last month so don’t worry about it.

And yet, that was the top concern of Oswald, foremost on his mind, that she check the P.O. Box? There was nothing coming to that P.O.Box that could have had any importance to her, or even any interest to her. What? His Communist literature? His Fair Play for Cuba Committee fliers? What was going to arrive at that P.O. Box that she could possibly need or want? 

Then, he added "I paid for the box last month so don't worry about it"?????  Doesn't everyone and his brother know that you have to pay first before you can get a P.O. Box? That you don't get to use it a while before you pay? So, was Oswald an idiot? Or did he think Marina was an idiot? Or, was the guy who actually wrote it an idiot? There's the rub.

Why didn't they ask Oswald if he had a P.O. Box on Saturday morning? Are you aware of the chronology? Supposedly, starting with the rifle, they telexed the serial number to FBI offices all across the country. Then, reportedly at 9:41 PM on Friday evening, the New York field office responded with:  "Rifles with similar serial numbers had been shipped from a New York wholesaler to Klein's Sporting Goods store in Chicago in 1962 and early 1963." 

Isn't that convenient? How could the New York Field Office of the FBI come up with that so fast?

"In Chicago, FBI special agent R.J. "Bob" Dolan received the teletype about Klein's.In a recent interview, Dolan said he and his partner called a Klein's official, got the name of the man in charge of records, and sent a car to take him to the Klein's offices. All the orders were on microfilm and they found the one matching the rifle's serial number, C2766, at about 2 a.m. The mail order purchase form was signed by "A.J. Hidell Age 28," with a return address of P.O. Box 2915 in Dallas. Klein's records showed the rifle had been shipped there on March 20, 1963."

So, by 2 AM Saturday morning, they had it all figured out, down to Oswald's P.O. Box?

In that case, why, on Saturday morning, didn't they ask Oswald if he had a P.O. Box? Why wouldn't they ask him? Didn't they want to find out if he would confirm that he had the box? And how could he lie? If he knew he had the box, then he knew his name was on the box, on the registry for the box. He'd have to know that they were going to find it, sooner or later. 

If they found out about the P.O. Box at 2 AM Saturday, then they should have asked him about it on Saturday morning. 

But, according to Will Fritz, Oswald wasn't asked about the P.O. Box until the last interview on Sunday morning, the one that went for almost 2 hours, from 9:30 to 11:15.  Let the record show that I say: bull shit. There was no near 2 hour long interview of Oswald. That was a delay caused by the need to clear the basement, then have their fracas with the real Jack Ruby there, then get him hustled up to the 5th floor, and all that had to happen BEFORE the jail transfer/shooting spectacle could take place. What they were really talking about with Oswald, during that waiting period, was the hoax they were going to put on. 

But, the coverage of the P.O. Box was handled this way, and it involved multiple P.O. Boxes.

Mr. BALL. Was he questioned about post office boxes that morning?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir; I did, I asked him about those post office boxes, because the postal inspector had told us about those boxes, and Mr. Holmes did most of the talking to him about the boxes, and he knew about the boxes and where they were, and he said he had, and I asked him too if he had ordered a rifle to be shipped to one of those boxes, and he said he had not, to one of those box numbers.
Mr. BALL. Did you ask him why he had the boxes?
Mr. FRITZ. He told me that he had, one of the boxes, if I remember correctly, he never admitted owning at all. The other box he told me he got his, he kept to get his mail, that he said he got some papers from Russia and correspondence with people from Russia and he used that box for his mail.
Mr. BALL. How long did you talk to him this morning of November 24?
Mr. FRITZ. Morning, well, let's see, I am not sure what time we started talking to him.
Mr. BALL. 9:30.
Mr. FRITZ. 9:30, we talked to him then until about--I have the exact time here.
Mr. BALL. Can we cut it shorter, your records show 11:15 in your office.
Mr. FRITZ. Here it is, 11:15.
Mr. BALL. Is that right?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir. 

Bull shit to all of the above. What evidence is there that Oswald received any correspondence from Russia after he returned to the United States? If he had, don't you think we'd know about it? Don't you think we'd be discussing it and debating it for years on end? I know of no mail that Oswald received from Russia after he returned to the United States. Marina received letters, for instance from her aunt and uncle, but not him. And those letters were delivered to her residence. Why would Oswald need, not "a" but multiple P.O. Boxes for non-existent Russian correspondence? Why would he need multiple P.O. Boxes, period? Who gets multiple P.O. Boxes at the same post office? There is no limit to how much mail you can receive at one box. If it won't fit in the box, they put in a notice telling you to go to the counter. He never would have paid for two P.O. Boxes. 

And notice that Fritz said that it was Harry Holmes who did the questioning of Oswald about the P.O. Boxes.  Harry Holmes? The lying son of a bitch who claimed that Oswald reversed himself about Mexico City?

Now, it makes sense to me. I always wondered why Fritz invited a postal inspector, of all people, to attend the final interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. Holmes wasn't even law enforcement. It was to cover the lie about the P.O. Box. And Eager Harry probably threw in the lie about Mexico City just to be a good sport.  

In his testimony, Harry Holmes said that Oswald received NO first class mail at the P.O. boxes, just newspapers, such as The Daily Worker, and a couple of Russian newspapers. 

So, Oswald was subscribing to two Russian newspapers? One wasn't enough? He needed two? And imagine the cost of subscribing to a Russian newspaper sent all the way from Russia, considering international postage for a heavy newspaper. 

And, newspapers come out every day, don't they? Or do you think it was a weekly newspaper? Well, even if it was a weekly newspaper, it would have piled up, wouldn't it? But, the cost of mailing it continually from Russia would have been astronomical. Oswald made $1.11/hour. That was his pay at the TSBD. How could he possibly afford something so totally unnecessary? 

I don't believe a word that came out of the mouth of that lying bastard Holmes. I go back to Saturday. If the FBI found out about Oswald's P.O. Box in the wee hours of Saturday morning, then FBI Agent James Bookhout should have asked Oswald about it at the Saturday interrogations, all of which he attended. But, he didn't. And this Sunday morning stuff is all revisionism; all lies. Look what Bookhout said Fritz told him about the last interview:

"I asked Captain Fritz if he had--if Oswald made any admissions, and he stated that he had not made any."

Oh, I see. So, Oswald reversed himself about Mexico City, but that didn't count as an admission. And, Oswald admitted having not one, but multiple P.O. Boxes, but that didn't count as an admission.

And look at all that Fritz wrote down from the final interview:

Nothing. Didley squat. Not a thing. Why? Because what they were really talking about was the upcoming hoax. 

Oswald did NOT have a P.O. Box. It's all a big lie, and it explains why a postal inspector, who was a known FBI informant, was so integral to the investigation. He had an important role to play. Without the P.O.Box, there was no getting the rifle to Oswald. And without getting the rifle to Oswald, the entire case against him collapses to nothing, which it has.  

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