Saturday, December 2, 2017

Another thing about that wacky story about Jack Ruby inviting some guy he barely knew, a petty criminal at that, to watch "the fireworks" with him in Dealey Plaza, is the fact that it presumes it was Oswald up on the 6th floor creating the fireworks. 

Why would Ruby have to kill Oswald otherwise, right?

But, what was Ruby afraid of? That if Oswald spilled the beans, that in this vast plot which involved powerful men from the halls and cauldrons of power, such as Allen Dulles, Lyndon Johnson, and George HW Bush, that Oswald was going to start by pointing the finger at Jack Ruby? And what was his role? Did he bring sandwiches? He liked to do that.

So, Ruby was afraid of the consequences, presumably to himself, if Oswald talked but look at the consequences he got from supposedly stopping Oswald from talking. How could any consequences be worse? He got the death penalty. Death. That's generally considered the worst consequence. 

But, the inanity of the story that rankles me the most is the whole idea that these powerful men, captains of industry, movers and shakers and kingpins and mafia-dons would choose Lee Harvey Oswald to be their assassin. Let's review:

He was NEVER a combat Marine. He never shot at another human being. Shooting at props was all he knew, and he just did the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines. 

He nearly flunked his last marksman exam. He scored 91 on a test with the lowest passing score of 90. So, two points less, and he would have outright failed. 

That was in 1959, shortly before he got out of the Marines. The only shooting he did post-Marines was to go rabbit-hunting in Russia with his buddies using a shotgun, and they said he stunk at it.

If there was a conspiracy, why would they choose Oswald to be the shooter? Don't you get it? Oswald belongs to the lone-nut story. Once you move to a conspiracy story, and I mean any conspiracy story, it makes no sense to keep Oswald. NOBODY would pick Oswald to be their shooter. 

Why did no one tap those HSCA fools on the shoulder and say, "The Mafia would never have chosen Oswald. He wasn't a professional assassin. He wasn't a professional sniper. He wasn't even a good marksman." 

And how would this guy who had spent 3 years in Russia and came back here with his wife and child, and was struggling to hold minimum wage jobs for $1.11 an hour or whatever, become known to the Mafia as a hit man? How does one get that reputation without actually being a hit man? 

So, the whole idea that Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald were involved in the JFK assassination together is insane because it is insane to think that the movers and shakes would have wanted or needed either of them.  

But yet, the baited buffs got all excited about this report that Ruby invited a near stranger to watch the fireworks with him.

Here's a guy who goes by Prayer Man who put up the story, and right away, his follower Bart Kamp shared it.

Dumb plucks. Oh, how Prayermanite stupidity rankles me. Evil and stupid. What a combination. 

The whole story is ridiculous. If Jack Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination, give him enough credit to know to keep his mouth shut. And if there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, by anyone, give the plotters enough credit to know better than to stick Oswald in the 6th floor window with a rickety rifle. I'm pretty sure they didn't want Jackie's brain blown out. 

And then the piece-de-resistance is the part about this guy, who though an FBI informant was also a petty criminal, and when an unspecified crime landed him in Dallas County Jail, that he had the opportunity to get to know Jack Ruby better. Oh right. I'm sure they sudsed each other's backs in the shower. Jack Ruby did not react with ANY other prisoners at the Dallas County Jail. He had his 3 room suite. He had his jailers who played cards with him. They were sure to be quiet in the morning because they said he liked to sleep in late. And Sheriff Bill Decker would visit him once a week just to make sure things were spiffy. But, Ruby NEVER interacted with other prisoners, and he rarely even saw any. 

So, that part of the story is just so obviously complete horse shit, it stinks, and worse than horse shit. 

And yet, these fool Prayermanites fall all over it gushingly. "You see! We were right!"

Don't be a JFK baited buff because it is the lowest form of chump on the planet. 


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