Thursday, December 7, 2017

OIC member Craig Roberts sent me a couple of videos to put up on this blog. The first starts with Jack White at the location where the Backyard photos were taken. The site looks to be quite run-down. There's trash everywhere. It looks quite dumpy. I really can't make out what is going on except that Jack White is talking to this very attractive blonde woman about the photos, but I don't know what she is doing there. Is she supposed to be a surrogate for Marina perhaps? At one point, she asks him how tall Oswald was, and Jack says 5'9" but that he determined that the man in the Backyard photos was closer to 5'6". The audio is very poor. 

But then, it goes to Craig Roberts in Dealey Plaza, and he is talking about the real shots that were taken to kill Kennedy, and none of them came from the southeast corner window of the 6th floor.  

Here is how Craig describes the other video:

"Me demonstrating the mechanical operation of the Carcano rifle, and why it was not used that day::

And finally, Craig says this:

By the way, my latest book The Medusa File II: The Politics of Terror and the Oklahoma City Bombing is out and available on Amazon. I have a chapter that shows the parallels between LHO and Timothy McVeigh—and there are many. The OKC bombing and how it was handled mirrors what happened in Dealey Plaza and afterwards.

Also available on Kindle and iBooks.


Craig Roberts

RC: I'll point out that Craig's new book has got straight 5 star reviews on Amazon across the board- 10 of them. 

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