Friday, December 29, 2017

Peter Willis It doesn't look like he gave her the number of the PO Box. If so would she have to try the key in any box or would she be confident enough to ask a worker for the number. Wasn't the alleged PO box under a different name to LHO? If so he would have to tell her the different name which doesn't seem to be in the letter.
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Oswald Innocence Campaign Good one, Peter! They don't put the number on the key of a P.O.Box because they realize that it might get lost, and then the person finding it would be able to access the box. And no, the alleged P.O. Box was under his name, although I'm sure it's bogus. He had a very easy handwriting to forger. But, it raises the question of how he could get a rifle that was labeled to A. Hidell at his post office when he was Lee Harvey Oswald. Didn't they know him as Lee Harvey Oswald? So, what was he going to tell them? That he uses a phony I.D.sometimes? And they were going to turn a rifle over to him? The story is full of holes. He owned no rifle. He had no P.O. Box. It's all just lies.

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