Thursday, December 7, 2017

An Open Letter to Robert Jackson, photographer

Mr. Jackson,

I am a JFK assassination researcher, and I need to inform you that your famous photo of the Oswald shooting is highly altered. The arm of Oswald slapped to his chest is fake. He didn’t do that. It isn’t even his arm. It isn’t even “a” hand. It is two hands; a left and a right pressed together, as in a person praying.
And there are many more alterations that were done to that photo. The thumb above the clenched left fist of “Ruby” for instance, isn’t real. And the shooter isn’t Jack Ruby. He is FBI Agent James Bookhout.
But, Oswald wasn’t even shot at that point. The reason you didn’t see any blood is because there wasn’t any. Oswald was shot later. And that’s the reason they had to put the phony arm up to his chest: to cover up the area of impact with “stuff” so that the absence of any trauma to Oswald and his clothing would be explained.  It is the cleanest, most anti-septic post-shooting there ever was, even though Oswald was supposedly fatally shot.
Mr. Jackson, I am writing to you because one of two possibilities must be true. Either you don’t take that photo OR you did take it and a team of photo-alterers altered it before you ever saw it.
So, you need to go back in your mind to what REALLY happened, the providence of your film. You’ve said that you had to remain at City Hall for a couple hours until a replacement could be sent. Did you turn your film over to someone?  Did they tell you that for national security reasons they had to inspect it?
Your photo, which is a monstrosity, is NOT a natural photograph, and there is no way you captured its content just be snapping the shutter. If you have never realized that before, I hope you will realize it now. And that’s because, Mr. Jackson, you are not going to live forever, and you don’t want to take secrets to the grave. If you like, I can sit down with you and show you, first-hand, the things about your photo that are most definitely fake. And once you see that they’re fake, then the big question is: how were they faked? When were they faked? And who faked them?
Before it’s too late, Mr. Jackson, how about we talk about the truth, about what really happened? This is way too important to ignore. We are talking here about a crucial piece of American history about which Americans have a right to know the truth. It starts with your photograph, Mr. Jackson; your highly altered photograph.


Ralph C. Cinque 

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