Thursday, December 7, 2017

I have mentioned many times the very strange reference in Ruby's property invoice statement of "1 set underwear" that was presumably taken from him. It is really strange- that they would take his underwear and that they would refer to it that way. What is a set of underwear? What does it include? And why would you refer to a set of underwear rather than list the specific objects, such as a pair of socks, an undershirt, and boxer shorts?  

So, between 1 white dress shirt and a brn. suit, there is 1 set underwear. And supposedly, his shoes, his dress shirt, his used soiled underwear, his brown suit, and his gray felt hat were all put not in Bin# N-30 but Bin# N-18. Note that some of Ruby's belongings were put in Bin# G-25. You see they had all these bins there at the Dallas PD to store the belongings of prisoners. They had to keep track of it all, and apparently, they put used sweaty underwear in with other objects. Note that Elmer Gertz' account in Moment of Madness makes no reference to Ruby having his underwear replaced. 

I consider this a smoking gun of corruption. How ridiculous is it that they replaced none of Oswald's clothes at all (until Sunday morning) whereas on Ruby, they changed everything down to his underwear? If you believe that, you are being a schmo. 

There are multiple versions of it. Here's one with a lot of extraneous writing and stamping.

Here's one in pink.

Then, there is another invoice with a completely different list of objects, and it does not include 1 set underwear.

It's all just a big circus. But then, there also used to be an image of Jack Ruby's stuff on a table, including his athletic supporter. That image has sytematically been removed from the Web. It's gone. The search engines have vanished it and probably by order of the CIA. And that's because it is a ridiculous image in which you see his stuff along with his athletic supporter, supposedly just taken from him. I've seen it, but apparently I never downloaded it. If anyone has that image, please send it to me at I would greatly appreciate it. 

Anyway, this whole bit about Oswald having his underwear removed is a ruse they came up with all because of the socks that James Bookhout wore that day. He wore light socks. 

Jack Ruby didn't wear light socks.

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