Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I think we should consider the possibility that they had Bookhout wear Ruby's actual hat. It would have been a smart move. After all, the hat was the first thing to see, from the top down; so, if it was Ruby's, that could only help the sale. 

And, it would have been easy enough to do. We know that they sequestered Ruby up on the 5th floor while all this was going on, and they stripped him down to his underwear. He wasn't wearing his hat in his underwear. And there is no reason to think he was giving any thought to his hat- at such a time. So, his hat was theirs for the taking.

And, I imagine that Bookhout's hat size was close enough to Ruby's that he could easily wear his hat, and it would fit.

There was a hat on the ground after the melee in the garage.

But, it appears to be a black hat, and according to the property invoice, Ruby's hat was grey. So, they quickly denied that that was Ruby's hat. They said it was one of the detective's.

But, in that case, what happened to Ruby's hat. Some of the images they purport to be Ruby show him without a hat. 

Of course, that isn't Ruby, and it isn't Bookhout either. The Wizard suggested that it might be Detective Miller, whom we refer to as Bagman. 

Then, there is this image of the shooter's naked head, although I'll point out that Maxsim Irkutsk expressed the opinion that that head is fake, that it's a cartoon drawn in. And he may be right.

And we now for certain that Miller came along and put something over the shooter's head. 

So, we have to presume that the shooter's hat came off, since they did that. But, what happened to it? If there was only one hat on the ground, and it wasn't the shooter's grey hat, what happened to the shooter's hat? Did someone just pick it up and skirt it away?

And in this shot here, taken about 2 minutes after the shooting, they tried to imply that Ruby had just been brought in, but of course, his jacket is missing, and it would not have been missing then. And likewise, his hat is missing.

They tried to make it look like his shirt got ripped open during the scuffle because, after all, it was a wild fight. But shortly afterwards, we see Ruby in his own shirt, and it looks neat and buttoned.

So, how do you go from one to the other? From this:

To this:

I said: this:

To this:

Of course, that is Space Cadet Ruby, still flying high from the drugs. Look at that blank stare. That's what Scopolamine does to you. 

And then, we have this of Bookhout and his detective guardians taken on the 3rd floor 2 minutes after the shooting.

What happened to his jacket and his tie? And how do you go from this?

To this?

And of course, that is obviously not Jack Ruby. You can tell that instantly. But, what happened to Bookhout's jacket and hat and tie?

And his glasses, I'll add. They ditched that stuff fast.

And it was very soon after this that they ditched Bookhout completely; they let him go back to being Bookhout. And he got himself a hat and a jacket and went downstairs and followed Oswald's stretcher out to the garage. His words. Got it? He said he did that.

Bookhout said that he was following behind Oswald's stretcher when they rolled it out to the garage to load it into the ambulance. Notice how self-conscious and guilty he looks. You might say he's a bit nervous. This was a stupid move. Bookhout never should have gone to where he could be photographed so soon after the hoax. Dumb, very dumb. 

But, he may have worn Ruby's own hat during the spectacle. 

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