Saturday, December 2, 2017

One would have to be a fool to believe Vanderslice. The very fact that he claimed to get to know Jack Ruby better at Dallas County Jail is patently bogus since Ruby was kept away from any and all other prisoners there. He never interacted with one other prisoner; only with his jailers. So, that lie alone exposes the whole thing. This is a totally bogus story, and it serves two purposes; it plants Oswald at the 6th floor window, and it also reinforces the whole idea that Ruby shot Oswald, which he didn't. And really, if people would just think about it, they would realize how ridiculous it is. What was Ruby supposed to be worried about concerning Oswald? That he would fink about Ruby's role in the assassination? Why would he start with Ruby? If Oswald knew everything, wouldn't he start with the big boys? Dulles? Johnson? Bush? Why assume he would ever get to Ruby? So, do you think Ruby shot Oswald to protect those guys? I hope not. But, what did Ruby think the consequences would be to him if Oswald spilled his guts? Now tell me: how could it be worse than the consequences Ruby got, which was the loss of everything? Who does that, kills a guy to silence him at the cost of: losing everything in his life? People don't do that. Nobody does that. Ruby was just a patsy. He was framed. But, his mind was gone, and he never figured out that the reason he couldn't remember doing it is because he didn't do it.

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