Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How could they possibly have gotten Oswald inside before Ruby when Oswald was shot? Ruby was involved in a scuffle in which men were rushing to remove him from the garage as quickly as possible, and they did it in seconds. But, Oswald was shot. Did I mention that he was shot? Nobody would rush to remove a man who was shot. He was shot in the abdomen. The bullet tore through his intestine, and if you jostle him, you spread feces around, increasing the risk of peritonitis. There really was NO reason to move Oswald. The only reason they did was to get him away from the cameras. There was no medical care inside the building. Nothing was going to be done for him. There was no advantage to him in being moved; only risks. They didn't do it for his sake. And there certainly wasn't any hurry to do it. But, before they even started; before they even made the decision to move Oswald, Ruby was being rushed into the building, and by a mob of men. So, who do you think got in there first? So, how could Oswald have been already placed on the floor inside as Ruby was being brought in? And look at him closely:

So, he must be handcuffed already, right? His hands are behind his back, aren't they? He's not just holding them behind his back without being handcuffed is he? So, if they're just bringing him in, when did they handcuff him? They certainly didn't do it in the garage. and what happened to his jacket? It didn't come off during the struggle. There was nothing about the forces being applied to him that would cause his jacket to come off. And how could it progress to this degree of docileness so fast? Ruby is so peaceable that nobody is even noticing him. This guy who was at the center of the cauldron is now invisible and unnoticeable. How could the situation change so fast, from the extreme of resistance and frenzy to the extreme of passiveness and resignation? Pendulums don't swing that fast. This must change could not have happened just from going through the door. It takes time. We are looking at several minutes after Ruby was rushed in. We were told that upon being brought in, he was rushed up to the 3rd floor for arrest processing. This isn't that. There is no rushing going on here. Things are already long settled down for Ruby at this point. It's a completely different circumstance for him- theoretically, that is, if he was the man who fired the shot in the garage and struggled with police. But, he was NOT the man who fired the shot in the garage and struggled with police. That was somebody else. This was a bait and switch.  

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