Sunday, August 14, 2016

I get it that lonenutters have to deny Oswald in the doorway but look how shabbily they do it. They claim that nobody said that Oswald was in the doorway. But, Oswald said it. He said that he was out with Bill Shelley in front. How could he possibly know that Shelley was in the doorway during the motorcade unless he was there himself? What's the alternative? And besides Oswald, Carolyn Arnold, in her first statement to the FBI made on November 26, 1963, said that shortly before the shooting she saw Oswald at the doorway. So, that's two people. How many do you need? 

And, I'm sure there would have been more, except that the Warren Commission, being nothing more than a Stalinist show trial, did not allow any witnesses to say the wrong thing about this. Realize that if the Warren Report had included testimony from a witness who claimed that Oswald was in the doorway during the shooting, it would have sunk the whole thing. It would have eviscerated it. So, they couldn't allow it, and they didn't allow it. And therefore, in such a controlled situation, it means absolutely nothing that a kind of witness that was forbidden can't be found. 

Remember that all the witnesses were questioned by the FBI before they were questioned by the Warren Commission. So, when being questioned by the FBI, a witness claiming to see Oswald in the doorway would have been STOPPED on the spot and told, 

"No, you didn't. You didn't see Oswald in the doorway. You couldn't have because he was up on the 6th floor at the time. So, don't say it again, in public or in private, if you know what's good for you."

And, if there was someone who refused to be intimidated by them, they would have dealt with it by not having the Warren Commission call that person in to testify and... what else? Who knows? I shudder to think. 

The claim that Oswald was referring to seeing Shelley afterwards and not during the motorcade is ridiculous. Who cares who he saw afterwards? No crime was being committed afterwards. Oswald left for home, but he didn't have to substantiate it.  He didn't have to prove it.  He didn't have to provide a witness for it. There's no doubt that he left for home. But, in addition to that, Shelley wasn't even out in front when Oswald left for home. So, why would Oswald make up such a thing? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't. He was talking about DURING the motorcade that he saw Shelley, who was in the doorway, and so was he.  

So, lonenutters deny that Oswald was in the doorway, but they do it haplessly and foolishly. But, there is no right way to do it. I wouldn't know what to tell them about how to argue it effectively. 

But, for them, it's like an obligatory move in chess; it's either deny it or concede. So, I understand why they HAVE to deny it, and it doesn't bother me.

But, what DOES bother me is to hear a supposed Oswald defender deny Oswald in the doorway. I won't kid you; it really grinds my gears. There is no excuse for it any more. And the way they do it makes it even more grating and irritating. Usually, they make the denial without offering an alternative. Remember, they don't have the 6th floor as a default the way the lonenutters do. So, in denying Oswald in the doorway, they need to provide some other location for him. Otherwise, it is tantamount to saying:

"I don't know where Oswald was at 12:30, but I can tell you that he wasn't on the 6th floor, and he wasn't in the doorway."

Imagine if the Oswald legal defense team in Houston in November 2017 were to tell the jury that at the mock trial. They would certainly lose; Oswald would be found guilty. The jury would think: "They can't tell us where he was because he was, in fact, on the 6th floor."   

It's bad enough when lonenutters glibly deny Oswald in the doorway, but for supposed Oswald defenders to do it? It is an outrage.

But, if these supposed Oswald defenders do offer an alternative to the doorway (and to the 6th floor) it is usually one of the lunch rooms; either the 1st or 2nd floor lunch room.

But, last night, I published a concise statement as to why both of those claims are contradicted by the evidence. Here is the link to it:

What it means is that there is no alternative to the doorway for Oswald. There is no other place he could have been if he wasn't on the 6th floor.  And that simple fact gets added to the striking evidence of the images which prove he was in the doorway.
They moved over the "cap" of Lovelady, but otherwise there are no deal-breakers. No disconnects. The man and the clothing match perfectly.

Same guy. Same clothes. The very idea that there was that much likeness between Oswald and Lovelady, in the man and the clothing, is preposterous. It is other-worldly. 

So, here's the reality: there are a substantial number of phony Oswald defenders who only claim to be Oswald defenders in order to influence real Oswald defenders. I have no doubt that the CIA decided a long time ago that they needed to have their people on the Oswald-innocent side, that is, they needed to control both sides of the JFK debate. The JFK assassination cover-up is still going strong and probably stronger than ever. And that's because of the Internet. When there was no Internet, there was no public discussion. You had authors writing books and people reading books but that was it. Occasionally, an author might give a speech, and there might be some questions and discussion afterwards, but now, thanks to the Internet, the discussion goes on 24/7. They had to deal with it by getting their goons into the forums. I've had to contend with many of them and still do.

But, in addition to that, I am sure there are some who oppose Oswald in the doorway for other reasons. They may do it just because they dislike me. They see me being assertive about it, and it pisses them off. So, they argue the other way just out of spite, out of stubbornness. Well, those people need to get over it. It's past that point. I've demonstrated that the primped, propped, staged, posed photo of Lovelady taken by the FBI in 1964 does not meet the threshold of matching Doorman- with deal-breakers galore.

And, I have shown that the alternative locations to the doorway for Oswald at 12:30 don't hold up; they are contradicted by and destroyed by the evidence.

So, there are no longer any excuses. If you are a real Oswald defender, then you have to endorse Oswald in the doorway. If you don't, then either you are a fake, a phony OR you just aren't up to speed- you don't know what you're talking about. You don't know the evidence. 

I say it's time for real Oswald defenders to circle the wagons. We're not just disputing the official story of the JFK assassination; we are stating emphatically that Oswald was innocent. And the only basis on which to state it emphatically is provide him a rock-solid alibi. And, that rock-solid alibi is the doorway. If you try to place him anywhere else at 12:30, you will be wrong, and it will sink him. It will doom him. If you want to rescue Oswald, this is the way; the only way. 


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