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This testimony of James Jarmon explains when Oswald would have seen him in connection with his eating lunch, as he claimed:

Mr. BALL - What time did you quit for lunch?
Mr. JARMAN - It was right about 5 minutes to 12.
Mr. BALL - What did you do when you quit for lunch?
Mr. JARMAN - Went in the rest room and washed up.
Mr. BALL. Then what did you
Mr. JARMAN - Went and got my sandwich and went up in the lounge and got me a soda pop.
Mr. BALL - Where is the lounge?
Mr. JARMAN - On the second floor.
Mr. BALL - On the second floor?
Mr. JARMAN - Yes.
Mr. BALL. Then where did you go after you got your soda pop?
Mr. JARMAN - Came back and went down to the window.
Mr. BALL - What window?
Mr. JARMAN - Where Oswald and I was talking.
Mr. BALL - Where?
Mr. JARMAN - Between those two rows of bins.
Mr. BALL - Where Oswald and you had been talking?
Mr. BALL - What did you do there?
Mr. JARMAN - I was eating part of my sandwich there, and then I came back out and as I was walking across the floor I ate the rest of it going toward the domino room.
Mr. BILL. You say you ate the rest of it when?
Mr. JARMAN - Walking around on the first floor there. 

Note that when he said that after breaking for lunch at 11:55 that he washed up and then went to get his sandwich, he meant that he went to the domino room to get it because he explained earlier that about 10 AM, he went out and bought a sandwich from the sandwich truck and then stored it on the shelf in the domino room, as many did. So, that's where his sandwich was: the domino room. And that's where he went to get it. And that's where and when Oswald would have seen him. 

Here is the similar testimony of Harold Norman:

Mr. BALL. What time did you quit for lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. I believe I quit around 11:45, I think.
Mr. BALL. And what did you do after you quit?
Mr. NORMAN. Well, I went in, washed up and I--
Mr. BALL. When you go in and wash up, where did you go to wash up?
Mr. NORMAN. In the men's bathroom.
Mr. BALL. Is that bathroom near the domino room or off the domino room?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes; that is the one off the domino room.
Mr. BALL. It is the one near the domino room?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes; one near the domino room.
Mr. BALL. Right next to it?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes.
Mr. BALL. After you washed up, what did you do?
Mr. NORMAN. Well, I got my lunch, I ate my lunch in the domino room.
Mr. BALL. Did you bring your lunch from home that day?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes; I believe I did.
Mr. BALL. And in what kind of a package did you bring it?
Mr. NORMAN. A brown paper sack, paper bag.
Mr. BALL. Where did you keep your lunch or leave your lunch from 8 in the morning until you got it at noon?
Mr. NORMAN. I left it in the window of the domino room.
Mr. BALL. Did you notice any other packages in that window that morning?
Mr. NORMAN. I can't say that I noticed any that morning but I know that some of the fellows did keep their lunches in there.
Mr. BALL. Did you notice anything, any unusual package in there that day?
Mr. NORMAN. No; I didn't.
Mr. BALL. You got your lunch and did you eat your lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes; I ate my lunch.
Mr. BALL. Where were you when you ate your lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. In the domino room, as I recall.
Mr. BALL. Who was with you at that time?
Mr. NORMAN. I can't remember who ate in the lunchroom, I mean the domino room, with me.
Mr. BALL. Did some other employees eat there?
Mr. NORMAN. I think there was someone else in there because we usually played dominoes in there but that particular day we didn't play that morning.
Mr. BALL. Why didn't you play that morning?
Mr. NORMAN. Well, didn't nobody show up there to play like the guys usually come in to play.
Mr. BALL. You usually play dominoes during the noon hour?
Mr. NORMAN. Noon hour and the break period.
Mr. BALL. After you ate your lunch, what did you do?
Mr. NORMAN. I got with James Jarman, he and I got together on the first floor.
Mr. BALL. Where was James Jarman when you got together with him?
Mr. NORMAN. He was somewhere in the vicinity of the telephone, I believe. I am not for sure.
Mr. BALL. Out near the bins?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes.
Mr. BALL. What do you call James Jarman?
Mr. NORMAN. Junior.
Mr. BALL. And you and Junior did what?
Mr. NORMAN. We went outside.
Mr. BALL. You went out the front door, did you?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes. 

So, that places Harold Norman in visual sight of Oswald as well, the time being early in the lunch break, long before 12:30.

I realize that neither one admitted seeing Oswald, but it doesn't matter because he admitted seeing them at a time that they were there. He correctly identified 2 out of 75 employees who did show up there. So, he must have seen them which means that he must have been there. 

So, Oswald definitely ate lunch in the 1st floor domino room, and he did it early in the lunch break. Therefore, unless you think he ate two lunches that day, he did not eat in the 2nd floor lunch room at 12:25 as per Carolyn Arnold's 5000+ day revision of her story.

Even in the Hosty/Bookhout joint report, which became an official FBI report, they claimed that Oswald claimed that he ate his lunch in the first floor lunch room. 

"He ate his lunch on the 1st floor in the lunch room."

What part of that don't you understand?

And it makes Carolyn Arnold's 5000+ day revision completely dysfunctional and implausible. Oswald did NOT eat in the 2nd floor lunch room. 

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