Friday, December 2, 2016

Consider the story of this ridiculous image. Toni Glover is standing there behind her taller mother, so it's hard to imagine how this 11 year old girl could see anything. But suddenly, she starts waving, even though she can't see anything. But, is that a wave? People don't wave like that. They wave with their hands. Each hand waves. She looks like she is at the top of a jumping jack. 

And, who is she supposed to be waving at? JFK's limo is still way off to the right. You can see it just starting to make the turn from Houston to Elm. It is nowhere near Toni Glover.  Look closely at her. Is that even a human form? Is it even photographic? 

The idea that her middle-aged mother would climb up there on that high pedestal is as preposterous as the idea of my middle-aged mother climbing up there. And it makes no sense for the mother to be in front and the child behind. First, the child can't see that way while she could see the other way, with the mother behind. Second, the mother can't secure the child with the child behind. Arms don't go backward, at least not very far. If they had done it at all, they would have done it the other way, with the child in front and the mother behind, with her arms going around the child to secure her. This is fake.  The purpose of Toni Glover being on that pedestal is to block the view of the doorway. And look at the size of those street signs.

Do you have any idea how small they were?

It is ridiculous. The Hughes doorway is fake, and it was faked to hide Oswald in the doorway, who was in the center of the doorway. What clowns to think they could get away with this shit. 

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