Thursday, December 1, 2016

That Will Fritz was some piece of work. He hears a gunshot right behind him, and he doesn't react. He doesn't startle. He doesn't bolt to turn around. Think about it. If you weren't expecting it, if you had no idea that it was coming, then any shot you heard means that the next shot could be for you. You would think that out of self-preservation alone he would have reacted quickly. 

So, the shot has gone off. We know that because Oswald is going down. That cringe came AFTER the shot. But Fritz is not reacting. Note the time: 17 seconds.

Now, the shooter has scooted in front of Oswald to get his back to the camera, and there is a scuffle going on. Note the time: 18 seconds. So, another second has passed. But, Fritz still hasn't reacted. He still hasn't turned around. And remember that when you're startled by a shot because you didn't expect it, the reaction is instantaneous. It's like BOO! times 100. 

Now, we're up to the 19 second mark, and Fritz still hasn't turned around, and from what we can tell, he still hasn't reacted. And remember what the reaction should be: to swiftly turn around to see who has the gun and where the shot came from, in other words, to locate the shot and sort out the whole situation. Fritz isn't doing it. And imagine how loud the shot was in that confined space. Remember where they were. They weren't out in an open field. 

Now, we're up to the 20 second mark, and Fritz still hasn't turned around. It's incredible. It's unbelievable. How could anyone act like that? And especially a police officer. After that, Fritz is lost from view. We don't see him any more. We don't see him during the 10 seconds of pandemonium, and we don't see him afterwards when order is restored to the garage. Fritz is gone. So, where did he go? How did Fritz get out of there? Did he go back through the same door he came out of? If so, why didn't we see him? So, we lost sight of Oswald; we lost sight of "Ruby"; and we lost sight of Fritz; all in a 20 foot confined space honed with cameras from multiple angles. Never before or since in the history of photography has filming produced so little information; just noise; just wildness. And then when it's over, the principals are gone, like Poof!

You're buying this, are you? You figure that's just the way it turned out, do you?  Well, if so, you're a blithering idiot. The whole thing was staged, and the part of Jack Ruby was played by James Bookhout. 

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