Saturday, December 3, 2016

Do you know how much time there is between the Dorman Toni and the Hughes Toni? Practically nothing. In Dorman, JFK's limo was approaching the intersection, and in Hughes, his limo was in the intersection. 

So, on the left, Toni and her mother are facing Houston, and on the right, they are facing Elm, even though JFK hasn't gotten there yet. Notice that we really can't see her mother at all on right in Hughes. But supposedly, she is up there. The mother was taller than 11 year old Toni, although not by much. So, even though she had her mother standing directly in front of her, Toni decided to do a jumping jack with her arms. It certainly isn't a wave. 

You can't actually make your arms go round like that because the bones are straight, and all you've got to work with is the elbow, which is a hinge joint. Look at Black Hole Man, that is, Billy Lovelady.

His enclosure isn't nearly as round as hers, is it?

On the right, the blackening out of his face is bull shit, and on the left, the entire image is bull shit; complete bull shit. There is lots and lots of photographic bull shit in the JFK assassination.   

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