Sunday, December 4, 2016

I mentioned this very good clear version of the Oswald shooting.
So, let's look at it to see if Leavelle had his hand in Oswald's pants.

Let me say first of all, that idea of him having his hand in Oswald's pants is just as ridiculous as the idea that the Dallas Police would confiscate Jack Ruby's underwear. 

1 set underwear. The clown who came up with that ought to be fired. 

So, the "hand in the pants" is of the same caliber as "1 set underwear" and who knows, maybe it was the same guy.

That is impossible. You see where his shoulder is, behind Oswald's shoulder, in back of it. Leavelle's wrist and forearm couldn't bend like that- without breaking. 

What happened to the sleeve of his jacket? And why is his forearm so irregular? It's because it's a bull shit image; something that they added to the frame.

What do you figure is happening in this frame? Are Leavelle and Oswald arm and arm?

It looks like Leavelle's arm is between Oswald's arm and his torso. But how? Unless they were handcuffed that way, it was impossible.

Here's a post-shooting frame. Oswald is going down. But, Leavelle and Graves still haven't started to react. 

Another thing I realize now is that before diving into the swarm of men, Bookhout crouched down. He laid low.

 He's doing that himself. He's buckling his knees to go down. He wants to go down. He wants to disappear into the swarm- to stay hidden from the cameras, and it's because he wasn't Jack Ruby. That is James Bookhout, and there is no doubt about it. 

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