Monday, January 2, 2017

Backass isn't happy about equating Blackie Harrison from the Jackson photo with the circled image in the Beers photo.

Note that it's not my claim. I was informed by others that that's Blackie in the Jackson photo extending his gorilla arm into the action, for some unknown reason, as he takes a drag from his cigarette. I assumed all along that he was a reporter holding a microphone. But, several people told me that he was Detective Blackie Harrison, the first to tell me being Richard Miodownick, the proprietor of the Oswald is Innocent Facebook group. And likewise, several people suggested that the other guy from Beers was how Blackie manifested in that photo, and I can see the resemblance. However, if that other guy is not Blackie, it's no sweat off my back. It matters not a whit to me. Because: if he's NOT Blackie, then it means that Blackie doesn't register in the Beers photo AT ALL, while he looms large in the Jackson photo. And you can't tell me that Beers couldn't see him because that is bull shit. 

Now, whether he is supposed to be Blackie in the Beers photo remains open. I mean: who really cares what Joseph Backes thinks? Backes is the guy who for months kept pressing that this guy was James Bookhout:

At the time, I gave him good reasons to reject the idea: because the guy is too young; because he is too tall; and because Bookhout wasn't at the Midnight Press Conference, and because it was entirely a DPD affair with no participation by the FBI. There were FBI agents there, but they remained in the background and were not in the spotlight like that guy. But no, the Idiot Backes ignored all that and kept hammering that he was Bookhout. Fortunately, he has shut his trap about it since both Linda Zambanini and Denis Morrisette announced that the guy definitely was not Bookhout.

But after that, who gives a shit what Backes thinks? He's just an idiot. But, in this other case, it only makes it worse for Officialdom if Black Harrison is a complete no-show in Beers when he looms large like a gorilla in Jackson. Hey, it's THEIR problem, not mine, you idiot. 

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