Monday, January 2, 2017

Backes says we don't see the tall guy circled in Beers in the Jackson photo because "it's a simple principal of that area being blocked by Leavelle and three guys behind him who were along the left side of the wall as viewed in the Beers photograph." 

Note that the Idiot meant "principle" not "principal." And he's wrong about the three guys behind Leavelle, whom we can see in Jackson. I'll number them.

So, is Leavelle covering up the big tall guy? What part of big and tall do you not understand, Backes? There is no way that Leavelle could cover him up. And how dare you just assume it? You'll bend over backwards to support the official story, won't you? Everything but the bus and cab rides- which happen to be true. You're just an idiot, and everybody knows that you're an idiot. 

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