Monday, January 9, 2017

Consider the irony. Dallas police lined the wall, there in force to protect Oswald. He was only walking 20 feet to a car, but they felt the danger was so great that they had way more than 20 cops there. And yet, despite all that muscle, a guy got through. Tough break. But, there was nothing they could do. I mean what more could they do? Pack the place with 80 cops? 100? How many did it take?

But, as soon as Oswald was SHOT, then there were enough cops to surround him such that no person and no camera could see him being moved into the building. They were covering him from all sides in a veritable circular wall of protection. Well, if they had enough cops to do that, it means they had enough cops to surround him and protect him on the way out. I'm talking about the same cops. The same cops who surrounded Oswald, shielding him from view
AFTER he was shot, why didn't they do that exact same thing BEFORE he was shot? They had enough cops there because if they could do it after, they could do it before. 

Do you really think that Dallas Police were protecting Oswald? Do you really think that if they had really wanted to protect him that they couldn't have? How naive are you? 

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