Monday, January 9, 2017

Jim Davidson said there was another cameraman besides him in back. But guess what? He didn't capture any imagery of Oswald being carried either. Do you, or do you not, understand that they were not going to allow any images of Oswald being carried? It is plain as day that they did not want that to be seen, and they would not let it be seen. 

And remember, it's not just Davidson who failed to capture any of Oswald being moved. All of the other photographers also missed catching any of it. 

You know, the whole idea of having all those officers lining the wall is pretty ridiculous when it was supposed to be just Oswald walking 20 feet and then getting into a car. 

Notice that the cop on the left hasn't even unclasped his hands yet, even though the shot had gone off and Oswald has screamed out. He's still standing there like a Jehovah Witness. 

But, what was he doing there in the first place? How many guns did they need to walk Oswald 20 feet to a car? 

So, was the real purpose of having those men there to cover up afterwards, to make sure that both Oswald and Bookhout were invisible afterwards? Maybe that was their purpose all along. 

But still, notwithstanding that, it's amazing that no one caught anything. Our last view of Oswald is him lying at Leavelle's feet, and he seems to be quite straightened out. How did he get that way? He fell in a heap, right? And he was unconscious.  And the last view we get of "Ruby" is Bagman covering his head with something, and that's it; we never see him again. And that was the whole idea from the start, that after several seconds, we not see him or Oswald again. 

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