Sunday, January 1, 2017

Furthermore, if the Beers and Jackson photos are both legit, then it should be possible to duplicate them and demonstrate the same outcome for each. 

But, the conditions are that since there was reportedly only a split-second between them, you would get to make one set-up of the figures- and you can do it however you want- and then take two photos, one from Beer's position and the other from Jackson's. And then, we compare the results to the originals.

And, I am willing to meet anyone who wants to try in Dallas, and I would only be an observer. I certainly wouldn't tell you what to do or how to do it because I don't think it can be done. In fact, I know it can't be done. The Beers and Jackson photos are NOT reproducible as a set. 

And, I will agree ahead of time to publish the results, whether they are good for me or bad. So, if you do it, and it's impressive from your perspective, I shall publish it and suffer the consequences. But, I assure you I am not the least bit worried because I know very well that nobody can do it. 

These are different setups, and the different angular views of the photographers does NOT account for the differences. 

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