Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I call this collage the Beers Reality Check, where I use a frame from the footage which corresponds to Beers to see how well they align.

And they align very well in my opinion. And, I can tell you with certainty that to the right of "Ruby" in the film frame, which is above, we can see an arm reaching in, and that is definitely the arm of Ike Pappas. 

So, these match very well. Whatever they had to do to the Beers photo, it wasn't much. It's not surprising that it went out first, going immediately to the AP and being distributed worldwide. But, it's not the case for the Jackson photo. Like the Altgens6 photo, it was delayed, and for the same reason: to get it altered.

But, with the Jackson photo, it's not so easy to find a corresponding frame. I don't vouch for this one because it doesn't occur in any film that I know of. It only exists as a still.

Forget about it. If I can't find it in a film, I'm not interested, and I can't find it. There are so many films. There is the NBC so-called live footage. There is the KRLD footage. There is the WFAA footage taken from behind. And there is the footage that Edward Chiarini uses, which I have not been able to source, which is actually the best because it shows the most.

But first, I want to look at this frame from the NBC footage.

 So here, we have Pettit, Pappas, and then Blackie all lined up. And then behind Blackie is supposedly Ruby, but look how tall he is. How could he possibly be the short Garage Shooter?

So, it's just a lie that that guy in the Fedora hat was the Garage Shooter. He was not the Garage Shooter, and he wasn't Ruby either. I don't know who he was.

Let's review the declared timing: there was Beers, then the shot, then Jackson, with the total time span being .6 seconds. So, we'll assume, for lack of other recourse, that the shot occurred right in the middle between the two. That means that the Jackson photo was taken .3 seconds after the shot. 

So, here's a frame that occurs after the shot. 

Oswald has definitely been shot because he is grimacing, and he is cringing. However, notice that he has not slapped his left arm up to his chest. We don't see that, and we never see that. But, this has to be before the Jackson photo because Ruby is still too sideways to Oswald, and Leavelle is way too far back. It's not the same. So, let's keep going.

So now, "Ruby" has swung around more in front of Oswald, where he is blocking our view of him. Leavelle is starting to look more like he does in Jackson. We can still see Oswald's face- barely.

I'm going to go with this as the Jackson proxy.

It isn't perfect, but there are no frames that are perfect. And you can't wait because it makes it too long after the shot. 

Now obviously, we don't see the arm slapped to the chest.

And, it's because "Ruby" is in the way. But, there are no frames in which we can see the arm slapped to the chest. We see it in the Jackson photo and in that lookalike frame that exists only as a still.

So, where did this come from? It's not from the NBC clip, not the KRLD clip, not the WFAA clip, and not the clip the Chiarini used. So, who took it? And, whoever took it, had to be right next to Jackson, right? 

But, Jackson never said that there was anybody next to him filming. Jackson said he was leaning against the fender of the car when he shot. Notice the slight difference in the hand to Jackson.

That is bogus. It is anatomically bogus. It's supposed to be the thumb on the right, but the thumb is not parallel with the index finger, as it appears there, and it is not that long. It really is a bogus image, just as the hand in Jackson is a bogus image.

Notice that the thumb overlaps the index finger in Jackson, and it is a humungous thumb and certainly not Oswald's thumb. That is two hands clasping. So, there are two sleeves, two wrists, and then a right thumb clasping a left index finger. It's a bogus image.

So, the reason that we never see the arm slapped to the chest and the weird hand in any of the active films is because it is a bogus image.  It is something that they did to the Jackson photo after it was taken.

 So, Oswald's slapped arm and weird hand are bogus. Leavelle's weird forearm and waxen hand are bogus. The weird handcuff on Oswald isn't right; it was a standard metal handcuff. And was he even thrusting his right hand out like that? I doubt it. There is an awful lot they had to fake in that shot, but I can tell you the purpose of doing it. The purpose was to rationalize the absence of any trauma to Oswald or his clothing. The entire area of impact is covered from view by arms and hands. Now, why would they have to do that? There can only be one reason: because Oswald wasn't really shot. 

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