Wednesday, January 4, 2017

OH MY GOD! This is absurd. You realize that Oswald, right there in that garage, in the images we've seen, had his aorta and vena cava and other large blood vessels blown out. And, in addition, he was bleeding in his liver, right kidney, spleen and pancreas. Do you realize how incapacitating that is? That he would surely lose consciousness, if not die, very quickly?  

But not Oswald. He was apparently the first person to communicate without blood circulation. According to Detective B.L Combest, Oswald was communicating non-verbally in the jail office. That is, if you believe him. 

Mr. HUBERT. Did you hear Oswald say anything?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir. He--I didn't hear him say a word hardly, after he had been shot. He was moaning at the time Jimmy Leavelle, Graves, and I laid him down on the floor and removed the handcuffs that he had on him.
Mr. HUBERT. That was in the jail office?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir. At the time I asked him and talked to him trying to get him to make a statement to me at the time. Especially, after I realized how serious the wound was. When we first asked him he appeared to comprehend what I was saying.

Mr. HUBERT. What did you ask him?
Mr. COMBEST. Well, I told him was there anything that he wanted me to tell anybody or was there anything he wanted to say right now before it was too late, and I don't remember my--exactly the words that I did say to him, but after I realized the seriousness of the wound, of course, trying to let him know if he was ever going to say anything he was going to have to say it then.
Mr. HUBERT. You thought he was dying?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir; I did.
Mr. HUBERT. And do you think you used language to him to convey to him your idea that he was dying?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. Did you get any indication that he actually understood what you were trying to convey to him?
Mr. COMBEST. When I first started asking him he did. He looked up at me, seemed to recognize that I--who was talking to him.
Mr. HUBERT. You don't mean that he recognized you as a person?
Mr. COMBEST. He recognized that I was the person talking to him.
Mr. HUBERT. But he didn't say anything?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; just shook his head and I said, "Do you have anything you want to tell us now," and he shook his head.
Mr. HUBERT. He did not say the word "No"?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; he did not say anything at all.
Mr. HUBERT. Did you indicate to him that if he had any accomplices or wanted to clarify the shooting of the President, that he had better do it right quick ?
Mr. COMBEST. Not in those words. I didn't mention "accomplice," or anything. I was real excited at the time but I kept talking to him as long as I thought that he would try to answer me, hoping that he would give a dying declaration on the shooting.
Mr. HUBERT. And you think you used language sufficiently clear to him to indicate to him that in your opinion he was dying and on account of the fact that he was dying it was just about the last time he would have a chance to say anything about the shooting of the President, or the shooting?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir; that's correct.

If someone is asked a question and responds by shaking his head, indicating that he understood the yes-or-no question and is responding in the negative, that is every bit as much a conscious communication as a verbal response. Cognitively, there is no difference at all. 

So, Combest, who claimed to carry Oswald into the jail office with Leavelle and Graves, also claimed that Oswald was conscious and responsive in the jail office. I did not know that until tonight. So, I'll say it again: Officer Combest claimed that he was able to communicate to and receive a response from Lee Harvey Oswald in the jail office, even though Oswald had his aorta and vena cava severed in the garage. 

Think about what Combest was saying: that Oswald was CONSCIOUS and ABLE TO COMMUNICATE without having an intact circulatory system. But, that is medically, biologically, and physiologically impossible. 

Oswald shook his head? That is a muscular action. How do you contract muscles without blood circulating?

I propose that Combest was lying. And I don't know of anyone else who claimed that Oswald showed any sign of consciousness or was in any way communicative inside that jail office. To the contrary, everyone else said Oswald was completely and totally unconscious. Combest lied. 

But, the bigger question is: what else did Combest lie about besides this?

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