Saturday, January 7, 2017

I received a friend-request from Ed Chiarini on Facebook, which I granted. And then I posted a message to him on his page, first praising him for the work he did on the Oswald shooting hoax, but then withholding my support for his JFK/Jimmy Carter claim. 

And someone, a woman, who is obviously a supporter of his, responded by saying that I accuse an FBI agent of killing Oswald when I know very well that Oswald is still alive. 

Of course, that's not true. I have never considered the possibility that Oswald is still alive. If he had no family, that is, no wife and kids, I might have considered it. But, he did have a wife and kids, and I don't doubt his devotion to, and need for, his wife and kids. If he had survived, he'd have somehow gotten back to them, or them to him, wherever he was. 

But, in addition, I don't doubt the honesty and integrity of Dr. Tom Shires and the other Parkland doctors who worked on Oswald and pronounced him dead. 

Further-erther-more, I know very well that the conspirators couldn't, under any circumstances, allow Oswald to live. He had to die. 

But, getting back to Ed's contention about JFK being Jimmy Carter, it's ludicrous. It is wildly ludicrous- even though, admittedly, some of their features are very much alike. These ears do look quite similar, but they are not identical. 

Carter, on the right, has a larger, rounder helix. JFK, on the left, had a more pointed helix. The internal cartilage known as the antihelix is similar, but Carter's on the right is more vertical. The cave, which is called the cavum concha, is rounder on Kennedy on the left; it's irregular and oblong on Carter on the right. 

So, there are differences. If you wanted to say that they had very similar ears, and even if you wanted to say that they are uncannily similar, I wouldn't argue with you. But, they are still not the same ear. 

But, looking at it from a larger perspective, as a mental place to go, this is extremely far-fetched and unthinkable that Jimmy Carter could be JFK. There should have been more spontaneous, inherent resistance to the very idea from the start. Saying that Jimmy Carter is really JFK has nothing at all in common with saying that Doorman was really Oswald. There is nothing remotely implausible or far-fetched about Doorman being Oswald. It makes perfect sense for Oswald to have been watching the motorcade from somewhere. We know he wasn't up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. Lately, in the OIC, we have been talking about the possibility and the likelihood that the Altgens6 photo was cropped vertically. It's very possible that from where he was, shooting up the hill, that James Altgens captured the 6th floor window of the Book Depository. And guess what? OSWALD WASN'T IN IT. And without providing details, I will tell you that some experiments are going on right now to determine this, whether the Altgens photo was cropped in that manner. 

So, it makes perfect sense that Oswald would have been outside watching the motorcade. I suppose he could have watched it from a window, as a few did, but we know he didn't. And as far as him venturing farther out into Dealey Plaza, that wasn't going to happen because they wouldn't let it happen. There was at least one man in that doorway who was bent on keeping Oswald there and not letting him venture out further, and that was Bill Shelley.  

What would have been strange and unlikely and unusual is if Oswald was sitting in a lunch room at 12:30. Why would he do that? He got off work at 11:45 just like the others. The whole idea was to eat lunch BEFORE the motorcade, so why wouldn't he do that? He skipped breakfast, you know. And why would Oswald be less interested in seeing Kennedy than anyone else? Hadn't he lived in the Soviet Union? Wasn't his wife a fan of Kennedy? Didn't Oswald read Profiles in Courage? Didn't he speak highly of Kennedy and defend him? Didn't he read James Bond novels after hearing that Kennedy read them? There is nothing strange about Oswald being in that doorway. It's the most likely place for him to have been- once you rule out the 6th floor.

And except for the top of the head, there are no dealbreakers between Oswald and Doorman.

And the only reason the tops of the heads don't match is because they altered the Altgens photo. They moved over the top of Lovelady's head.

Anyone can see that that unusual balding pattern is the same on both. But on the left is Lovelady in 1957, and he was a rapidly balding young man. He didn't even have that hairline in 1963. But, the photo-alterers didn't know that, and it's the only picture of him that they had. So, that's what they used to give Doorman a new crown. But otherwise, the match between Oswald and Doorman is spot-on perfect, and that includes both the man and the clothing.

Same man. Same clothes. Oswald's and Doorman's faces were spot-on the same.

And then, there is the fact that Oswald said that he was in the doorway, per "out with Bill Shelley in front." That was not a reference to after the assassination. Shelley wasn't out there after the assassination. Shelley left immediately- in less than a minute. And he never returned there. So, why would Oswald falsely claim that he was with Shelley in front at at time that he wasn't? And why would he even bother establishing an alibi for leaving the building? Does anybody doubt that he left the building? Did he have to prove it by citing someone who was there? It's ridiculous. He didn't need an alibi for that. He needed an alibi for the shooting. 

There is no longer a speck of doubt that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting. Lovelady was there too, on the top landing, standing next to him. 

Larry Rivera's gif on Lovelady in the doorway is very good.

These are facts, not fantasies. It is the people who deny it who are engaging in fantasy. 

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