Friday, January 6, 2017

It's amazing that a guy who thinks that the Dallas Police concocted phony bus and cab rides for Oswald, replete with phony witnesses, a made-up witness, and phony physical evidence, would defend them about everything concerning the Oswald shooting- where they could do no wrong- including with the hanging microphone in the Beers photo.

Being an idiot, Backes misses the point. The very presence of a microphone in any photo is troubling as hell. Why should there have been a microphone hanging anywhere? It was a parking garage. And this was supposed to be a matter of walking Oswald 20 feet and then putting him in a car and driving away with him. And they announced ahead of time that there would be no questions allowed. So, what did they need a microphone for? What's it doing there?

And note that they have never accounted for it. No explanation has ever been given as to how it wound up there and why. Officialdom has been completely silent on the controversy. They haven't even tried to give a pat answer. 

Backes claims to know that the mic wasn't hanging within the recessed area, what I call the cubbyhole. But, if that were true (and I don't say it is) it would mean that the mic was hanging over on the Main Street side of the ramp. So, what's the explanation for that? Why would there be a mic there? It was a garage ramp. So, what would it be doing there?

As I look at the mic in the Beers photo, I would say that it was in the recessed area.

You see the corner on the right, which marks the outer limit of the recessed area. The mic is to the left of it. So, why wouldn't you say that the mic was in the recessed area? And how far above their heads was it? Less than a yard, right?

We're seeing a greater distance above their heads in the Jackson photo. Chiarini isn't wrong about counting the bricks. 

Backes, STOP claiming to know anything. You have no education in Optics. You've probably never taken a Physics course in your entire life. You've probably never cracked a Physics book. So stop your blathering.

Is the Idiot going to claim that the microphone is not in the recessed area here?

And again, what is it doing there? Who hangs microphones from the ceilings in parking garages? 

The muzzle flash was fake. If it were real, it would have showed up in the film Ed Chiarini used.

And if you think the muzzle flash should have appeared before that, I assure you it didn't. There is no muzzle flash in any frame of that film. Just think, Pierre, the Frenchman, said he could see the muzzle flash against Oswald's black sweater. Well, if he could see it, why can't we see it? He could not have had a better view of it than this. And the problem with him saying it is that he said it over and over. He said it too many times. It seems like he was trying too hard to make the point. I know the Wizard thinks that Pierre was one of those spontaneous witnesses who really wasn't spontaneous at all. And I agree.

If the muzzle flash in the Universal newsreel is real, why does it occur there and in no other film, and why does it not occur in this version of the Universal newsreel?  

There are two versions of the Universal newsreel: one with the muzzle flash and one without it. That's a big fucking problem. 

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