Monday, January 2, 2017

Imagine the burden this would be. Not only would you have to capture the microphone in Beers and not capture it at all in Jackson, but you would have to do it perfectly, meaning that even if it was a little off in your Beers submission, you would lose. If anything was a little off, you would lose. Both photos would have to look exactly as we see below, or else, you would lose. 

Not only do I think that no one could possibly do this, I don't think that anyone would even have the nerve to try. I don't think anyone would even expect to be able to do it. We've got liars and fakers here who will wag their lips any which way to support the official story, but it doesn't mean that they would actually undertake such an endeavor. They are obviously two different setups. Six-tenth of a second difference, my ass. 

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