Monday, January 2, 2017

An Analysis of the WFAA footage of the Oswald shooting

by Ralph C. Cinque

The Wizard has sent me an MP4 of the WFAA footage of the Oswald shooting. Unfortunately, it's very blurry, but I am still glad to have it. I can't post an MP4 here, so I have done screen grabs of certain frames that I want to discuss.

This is shortly after they got off the elevator, as they are moving through the jail office to exit the building. Notice how straight Jim Leavelle's upper arm is. It isn't twisted, and that means that neither is his forearm twisted. I can state, categorically, that he does not have his hand in Oswald's pants at that time.
This is outside a split-second before the shooting, and Leavelle definitely does not have his hand in Oswald's pants. Again: his upper arm is perfectly straight, and his shoulder is perfectly neutral. I have put an x where his elbow is, and there is no twisting, no torquing, or anything like that, above or below the elbow. He does not have his hand in Oswald's pants. The bizarre stuff we see in the films from the front are just fakery.
I'd love to show that to a gathering of orthopedists. They wouldn't be able to stop laughing. Fake. FAKE. FAKE.

Next comes the shooting which we don't see at all in the WFAA film. But, we do hear Oswald's cries very well, and he makes 4 separate and distinct pained utterances. It must be him, right, because he's the only one who has been shot. What's weird is that when asked about it by reporter Bill Lorde afterwards, L. C. Graves said he didn't hear any sounds from Oswald. 

After that, all we get is "noise" showing the scrambling, the chaos, the pandemonium, etc. However, there is one brief clearing in which we get this:

That is supposed to be "Ruby" staring at the camera in the midst of the frenzy. It is absolutely not Jack Ruby, and it is absolutely ridiculous. How could that be captured when "Ruby" was immediately swarmed by penguins? 

It's just a piece of fakery they stuck into the film because they felt uneasy about "Ruby" being so invisible after diving into the swarm of police and disappearing. They wanted to come up with an image of his face. Next comes the passage through the door. 

"Ruby" had to be dragged through that single door, which would have been hard to do since he was being herded by a mob of penguins. What did they do when they got to the bottleneck? Who knows. And at the same time, Oswald had to be carried through that bottleneck. So, how did that all happen? Again, we don't know. We are not shown. All we know is that without showing us any of that, they want to show us this guy below closing that door.

He is the doorkeeper. How did he know to close it? Did somebody tell him to close it? He is going to let that guy behind him in before he closes the door, but he's the last one. There are no more after that.

The guy looming large on our right is already blocking entry to anyone else. Isn't it amazing that all that just "spontaneously" happened, that everybody knew exactly what to do, and where they belonged? 

And then finally, there are some shots of the inside taken through the grill, but we see that there is NO pandemonium whatsoever going on inside. Immediately, everything settled down as soon as they got through that door. It's amazing how calm it suddenly all became. It's as though someone yelled, "Cut!" 

This film is just a disgusting piece of propaganda designed to show us nothing. There is nothing of Oswald being carried into the building. Zip. Zero. Nada. And there is nothing of "Ruby" being dragged into the building except for the one faked posed shot.

What a deplorable piece of chicanery this is. It doesn't get any worse than this. 

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