Monday, January 9, 2017

It's a matter of Physics, you stupid shit. And Physics works the same in my backyard as it does in that garage. 

It was a simple situation. It was a cubbyhole resulting from the design of the building, where it was recessed, such that there was, and still is, a cubic opening there. You could call it a nook or even a cave.

And, any place that has a similar situation, a similar construction, can be used to test it. My house is built just like that police building because it has a recessed area within the perimeter of the back of the house. It's the same geometry. It is the exact same geometry.  

Are you stupid enough to think that the only place on Earth that it can be tested is that garage, that there is no other comparable site?

Robin Unger is right about Robert Jackson's location and Beers', and you are dead-wrong, as usual. Stupid shit.

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