Monday, January 9, 2017

This really is incredible. It's so succinct. So crystal clear. I am referring Jack Ruby's account of what happened. He conducted his business at the Western Union office. He left and walked west on Main. He was already on the south side of the street, which is the side the ramp is on. He got to the ramp, and he said the crowd of people there had aroused his curiosity. He walked down the ramp, and at the top of the ramp was Rio "Sam" Pierce, an officer, sitting in a police car. Another officer was talking to him from outside the police car. Ruby did not recognize the other officer. Note that he did not say that he snuck around them or tried in any way not to be seen. It seems incredulous that they didn't see him. Then he got to the bottom of the ramp, and that is where the "incident" happened. He said that it was all a "blur." Repeatedly, he used the word "blur." He said that he couldn't remember anything from the time he reached the bottom of the ramp to when the police pounced on him and pushed him down to the ground. He remembered nothing in-between. He had NO MEMORY of shooting Oswald. He only knew that he did because they told him that he did. He could not remember doing it. 

Now remember: Ruby left his apartment with his beloved dog in the car. Obviously, if he had any thought of killing Oswald at that time, he would not have brought his dog. He would have known that if he shot Oswald, he would not be going home- ever again. He would not be going back to his car- ever again. So, why would he bring his dog? He wouldn't. 

So, we know for certain that Ruby had no plan in his head to shoot Oswald. And that means that it could only be something that he did on the spur of the moment on sudden impulse. 

But, if that were true, why wouldn't he remember it? You notice that he never said that he suddenly got overwhelmed with the desire to kill Oswald. He had no memory of any such desire. He had no memory of anything. But, what would have caused him to blank out? Just because a person does something rash on the spur of the moment, it doesn't render them amnesic. 

Cynics might say that he flat-out lied. But listen to him in the video. Does it sound like he's lying? 

I notice that he said that he didn't recognize ANYBODY at the bottom of the ramp. Not anybody. And yet, people claimed to recognize him: Leavelle said it. Blackie said it. Tippit's partner R.C. Nelson said it. So, why didn't he recognize any of them? He was supposed to be very familiar with the Dallas Police. 

And then he said that they pushed him down to the ground. Well, that didn't happen to the Garage Shooter. The Garage Shooter was scurried away, into the building. There is a big difference between being pushed down to the ground and being scurried away. If you are pushed down to the ground, it immobilizes you. You're not going anywhere. But, the Garage Shooter was on the move. He was hustled out of the garage, through the side door, and into the building. That happened immediately. He was not pushed down to the ground in the garage. 

Whatever happened to Jack Ruby happened before the televised incident. It happened earlier. We know there was at least once, Jack designated the time of his WU transaction as 10:15. And, he was immediately corrected. 

If you think about his day's activities: he was Jewish; he went to the temple on Saturday. There was no church-going for him on Sunday. He knew that young woman who worked for him was waiting desperately for the money for not only rent but for groceries. She couldn't eat until he sent the money, and he knew that. So, doesn't it seem like he would have gotten to Western Union before 11:15? He did.

If Lee Harvey Oswald is the most historically important patsy in world history, then the second most important is Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was a patsy every bit as much as Oswald was. Of course, a lot more people know that Oswald was a patsy than know that Ruby was patsy. However, today, a hell of a lot more people know Jack Ruby was a patsy than knew it 6 months ago. I guarantee. 

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