Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jim Fetzer is including some work of mine in a new compilation that he is publishing, and he asked me for a 200 word bio of myself. This is what I sent him:

Ralph Cinque is a retired chiropractor who graduated from UCLA and Western States Chiropractic College. He has been a student of the JFK assassination since 2000. In 2012, he co-founded with Jim Fetzer and Larry Rivera the Oswald Innocence Campaign. Centered around Oswald in the doorway, the OIC has grown to become the largest JFK research and advocacy organization in the world. Besides Oswald in the doorway, Ralph has been at the forefront of the following discoveries:

- that the Moorman photo was not taken by Mary Moorman, but rather by the Babushka Lady, who was the only person who stood at the correct angle to take it, with a diagonal line of sight. 

- that the footage of Billy Lovelady standing outside the TSBD after the shooting is fraudulent. He was not there at the time; he never claimed to be; and the man who is there doesn't even look like him.  

- that the footage of Lovelady sitting at the desk in the detectives' squad room at the Dallas PD when Oswald was led by is also fraudulent. Lovelady was not there at that time; he never claimed to be; and there exists at least two distinct renderings of this bogus footage. 

- that alterations were made to Wiegman, Towner, Hughes, and Bell films all to hide Oswald's presence in the doorway. 

-that the claim that JFK exhibited a "Thorburn" reaction or position in the  Zapruder film is utter nonsense. Medically and neurologically, there is no connection between JFK's visible reaction and the patient that Dr. Thorburn wrote about.

-that Jack Ruby was not the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald; that the gunman seen in the film toting the gun is FBI Agent James Bookhout. 
-that the famous Bob Jackson photo of Oswald being shot is an abomination of alteration, as much so as the Altgens photo, and it may have been done by the same photo altering team. 

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