Thursday, January 12, 2017

Here again is the image of Blackie's son. You see that he is displaying the Dallas Times Herald from 11/25/63. First, notice the headline: Mourning Nation Bids Chief Farewell. What a thing to say. No one who is really in mourning over such a tragedy has that attitude. You bid someone farewell when all's well. Saying "farewell" is like saying "take care." It's light. It's chipper. And it is very inappropriate.  It would be different if it were, say, Eisenhower or Truman dying of natural causes after a long life. I wouldn't mind it then, because, after all, everybody has to die. But not in the case of JFK, whose murder was savage and unspeakable. 

Then, it features two other ridiculous headlines, and they concern the Oswald shooting. First, it says: Tip to FBI Warned of Oswald Death. Oh really? Then why didn't the FBI do something about it? Like not make a public spectacle out of moving Oswald from one jail to another. And before you say it was the DPD who did that, the FBI could have pointed out the obvious to the DPD, that it was reckless and unnecessary to do that, and with the addendum: don't. And second, it says: Anonymous Call Forewarned Slaying During Transfer. Think about it: the official story had it that Ruby did it; he did it on impulse; on the spur of the moment; and not only did he not tell anyone that he was going to do it- he didn't know himself that he was going to do it. So, how could anyone, including him, make such a call? So, what was the anonymous tip based on? Someone else shooting Oswald during the jail transfer? Well, if so, then why didn't that happen? Why didn't that other shooter show up? In fact, the story we heard is that there were numerous such tips. So, how come not a single other plot to kill Oswald materialized? How come no other ones were ever uncovered? And who would make such a tip? Not the person intending to do it. Right? So, someone that they told? So, Oswald planned to kill Kennedy without telling anybody, but the swarm of Oswald killers blabbed it up? Is that what we are supposed to think?  

And look at the front page photo: the Jackson photo of the Oswald shooting. 

It makes sense that the Dallas Times Herald would publish it since Bob Jackson worked for them. However, the Herald, like the Morning News was an AP paper. In fact, the AP office in Dallas was on the third floor of the Dallas Morning News building. So, the Morning News had the Altgens6 photo first, and the Times Herald had it second. And the Dallas Times Herald was an evening paper. So, if any evening paper in the country was going to publish the Altgens6 photo on 11/22, shouldn't it have been the Dallas Times Herald? But, the Dallas Times Herald did NOT publish the Altgens6 on 11/22. The Benton Harbor News Palladium, out of a small town in Michigan, supposedly published the Altgens6 on 11/22 but not the Dallas Times Herald? And they didn't publish it on 11/23 either, nor did the Dallas Morning News. Isn't that perplexing? Can you think of a reason why these Dallas newspapers, to be read by people who lived and worked in Dallas, would not want to publish it?  

So, what was the message of that chipper Farewell headline? The message was: get over it; time to move on; time to get back to work; time to get back to your lives; and you should be thinking more about the new President than the old one. It's full speed ahead for the Ship of State. The past is past. Think about the future. 

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