Monday, January 2, 2017

My point was, Backes, that it's bad enough that multiple cameramen were unable to film or photograph Oswald being carried into the building when it all happened in this small space:

but, we don't have any accounts of them seeing it. I am looking for a detailed account. And I don't mean the accounts that both Leavelle and Combest gave of doing it. After all: Dallas Police faked a bus and cab ride for Oswald. Didn't they? You still believe that, don't you? So, why should we believe a word they said about this? I am referring to independent observers watching them do it. And since both Ruby and Oswald were taken through that side door, how exactly was that managed? Who got to the door first? Who went in first?  Did one have to wait while the other was being taken through the door? No pictures. No independent accounts. It stinks. It stinks bad. 

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