Tuesday, January 3, 2017

You can look at the KRLD footage of the Oswald shooting to try to find the Jackson moment, but, you can't actually find it. All you can do is try to find something close to it, that is in the temporal vicinity of it. But, it's never going to match the Jackson photo exactly. There is only one movie frame that matches it, and that movie frame does not occur in a movie. It does not occur in real time. It only occurs as a still.

Granted that qualitatively this looks like a movie frame, but you never see it in a running movie. You only see it as a still image in which they are talking about it. "And here is the shame of all America, Jack Ruby shooting Oswald..."

However, when we look at the KRLD footage, at least we can get an idea of what Graves was doing.

It appears that he was making a fist and he was shoving Ruby with it, basically pushing him. That's how it looks as you watch it, that he is shoving him off, moving him away. He is not punching him; he is relocating him, repositioning him. 

Then, we get to Blackie Harrison. 

So, it's Graves hand below shoving on "Ruby" and Blackie's hand above reaching for him, and note that he has his left hand to his mouth holding his cigar. And note Fritz, who has NOT reacted at all that we can see. Here he is in the Jackson photo.

This may be as close as we're going to get to the Jackson photo in action.

 Then it continues with Graves having shoved Bookhout off as Blackie continues smoking, with his left hand holding the cigar. 

This is weird because the main arm we see coming across is Grave's. Blackie's is above it, and it looks shriveled in comparison. The whole thing is very weird because Blackie is still smoking, holding the cigar to his mouth, and Leavelle is just standing there not doing anything.

Finally, Blackie takes his hand away his mouth to get his other arm in the action. Leavelle still isn't doing anything. And just think: he claimed to shove on "Ruby's" left shoulder with his right hand.

And then, Bookhout dives into the swarm of men. He goes to them. And as he is going down, Leavelle finally gets into it by grabbing the nape of his neck with his right hand. That's his first response. 

If you look between Blackie's legs, you can see Oswald lying on the ground. 

So, what do I take of all this: First, the whole thing is fake. Nobody seems startled. The other men are just watching non-chalantly. Wouldn't everyone react? Wouldn't everyone try to help? How can they just stand there? And the whole thing about Blackie and his smoking: if he was really startled, if it was really happening as a shock to him, I should think that the the first thing he would do is ditch the cigar, just toss it; not continue smoking. Who continues to smoke during such a struggle? What I think is that Blackie, like Leavelle, and like Graves, was in on it. He knew what was going on. He knew that that was Bookhout and not Ruby. And, he knew that Oswald wasn't really shot. And they placed him there in that spot for one reason: his size. They needed a big guy who could be a screen to hide Bookhout from the camera. And him having done all that and been involved in it to that extent explains why Blackie felt he needed a lawyer in talking to the Warren Commission. Think about how bizarre it is that he would show up with a lawyer. What the hell did he need a lawyer for? 

Then, it's Blackie who holds Bookhout as the bald guy covers his head with something. I refer to the bald guy as Handler because the Wizard thinks that he had a major managerial role in the whole operation, that he was an orchestrator. 

But, look at Blackie's size and the size of the guy to the right. These were big guys, and that was no accident. They deliberately placed big guys there to cover up Bookhout. And look how tiny Bookhout looks in comparison to these big guys. He could not have been more than 5'6". Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2". 

This is the last view we get of Blackie before it descends into just chaotic screen shots and noise shots which show us nothing, until suddenly, wahlah, it's over, and everyone of note, including Blackie, is gone, and it's just the barrier cops with their arms out. And at that point, we are officially in the aftermath. 

It was a spectacle, a show, and everybody knew what they were supposed to do. Blackie Harrison was a major penguin. He never did account for why they didn't handcuff "Ruby" in the garage. And unsurprsingly, no one asked him about it. Frankly, I don't know if anybody before me has made a stink about the fact that they didn't handcuff him in the garage, although perhaps Maksim Irkutsk did in his excellent video on why Jack Ruby was not the garage shooter. He didn't know at the time that it was really James Bookhout, but he knows it now because I have told him. 

Blackie Harrison was in on it, just like Leavelle and Graves were in on it, and Fritz was in on it. They were all in on it. And, that's why I say the order had to come from way up high. How high? The White House of the United States of America: Lyndon Baines Johnson gave the order to kill Oswald. 

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