Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has done the most advanced image enhancement of the Harper fragment that has ever been done- in history. This is what he has to say about it: 

The Harper Fragment in 3D

The Harper Fragment was conveniently "lost" by Dr. George Burkley, who was JFK's personal physician, in the mid-1960's   Before that, the HF was photographed twice: In Dallas the weekend of the assassination at the behest of Billy Harper's uncle, Jack, and  later by the FBI, who also X-rayed the piece of skull (although, these X-rays have also disappeared).  Up until now, the Harper Fragment could only be studied from the 2D photos generated back then and published by the Warren Commission, as per CD1269.  But now, for the first time ever, however, we have created a 3D rendering of the Harper Fragment using the 3D program Blender.  

The model of the HF has been exported to several 3D printing formats: .stl, .dae, .fbx, 3ds, .x3d,  and .ply, which are internal export functions of Blender.  The 3D mesh included in these files can be 3D printed by anyone with the appropriate 3D printing software and hardware. This means that anyone in the forensic or medical fields can actually hold a 3D model of the Harper Fragment in their hands.   As always, I would like to invite those who are familiar with Blender to replicate this work.  In this manner we can continue to improve the accuracy of the model.  For this purpose, my .blend file is also available upon request.   


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