Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Wizard made this gif of Oswald arriving at Parkland, and there are certain things I'd like to say about it.

First, notice how black the windows look on the moving ambulance. Did they deliberately obscure that so that we can't see inside? I suspect so. Then, notice that we see Leavelle getting out of the back of the ambulance alongside Oswald's stretcher. And remember that we saw Leavelle enter the back and settle in next to the stretcher in the earlier footage. So, why did the medic Bieberdorf claim that Leavelle sat next to him in that second seating compartment in the middle of the ambulance? It is impossible because Leavelle went in and out the back. It's a shame that the Bieb is dead or else we could ask him. But, Leavelle is still alive. We could show him the tapes to prevent him from lying about it. And then we could ask him why the Bieb said what he did? Did he tell the Bieb to say it? 

There is a flick of Oswald's foot, but I don't think that was a muscular movement of his; I think it was just from the rocking of the movement. But, why would Oswald's legs be spread so far apart? It seems like when they put him on the stretcher they would have cinched his legs together. So, how did they get so far apart? Was he squirming on that stretcher during the ride? Or was it something worse? 

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