Monday, January 9, 2017

Robin Unger gave a reasonable projection on where Jackson and Beers were located. He doesn't put them right next to each other. He has Beers closer to the center. Notice that the whole cubbyhole was more open to Beers. Jackson had a much larger blind spot on the left side than Jackson did. So, he must have been further left, shooting at a greater angle.  

But, that isn't good enough for Backes. He says that one was portrait and the other landscape. And he thinks Beers' elevated position caused it. Let's settle that once and for all. Shall we?

This is the recessed area in my backyard. It's probably about the same size as that cubbyhole in the garage. I went to the left side and shot it from the yard. That white post is in the center of the patio; so, you can see that the entire left side is lost from view because of the angular effect.

That was from ground level. Here it is standing on a ladder.

It certainly did not open up the left side. It only made it worse. The only way I can capture that left side is if I move right.

And I really didn't move that far. Maybe 5 of 6 feet. That's all it took. But going up didn't help at all to bring the left side into the picture. 

And in the case of the garage cubbyhole, I think Robin Unger has it about right. This is about how much Beers had to be rightward of Jackson.

You're stupid, Backes. And I think that just about everybody knows that you're stupid. 

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