Monday, January 9, 2017

Backes is defending Davidson for his crappy video which shows nothing but pandemonium. Backes claims to know that Davidson "ducked." How do you know that, Backes? You can't just assume it. He didn't say that he ducked. There are no pictures of him ducking. So, how do you know he ducked? 

Then, Backes says that Davidson was "hustled about." I presume that means that police were pushing and shoving on him. Making physical contact, right? But, how do you know that? Again, you can't assume it. Maybe they ignored him. 

And no, Backes; he did not get any frames of Ruby. The guy you are calling Ruby was bald. Ruby had substantial hair, and it was rather long.

They can't possibly be the same guy.

Then, Backes thinks that if we listen to Davidson directly that that will settle it. So, let's listen. He never says that anyone manhandled him or "hustled" him. And he described what he saw. He said that he was 10 feet from the man when the shot rang out. He said that immediately afterwards, officers grouped around Oswald and grouped around the man. He said that guns were drawn. Well, if he saw that with his eyes, why didn't his camera see it? "They rushed the man they captured and Oswald back into this office." Again, if he saw that, with his own eyes, why didn't his camera see it? And what would have been the point of "rushing" when they carried Oswald inside? It's not as though doctors were waiting there to save him.  Did they really need to rush in transporting Oswald? A man with a gunshot wound across his abdomen? They rushed in moving him? I know they were cops and not firemen, but even so; they should have known better than to do that. But again, if Davidson saw it, and knew from what he saw that they were moving Oswald, then why didn't his camera see it? He had to see Oswald to know that they were moving Oswald, right? And remember, it was just two men moving Oswald: Leavelle and Combest. That's it. We know now that the claim of three, which included Graves, is false. So, if it was just two men, then one must have lifted his arms and the other his lower legs. Right? How else would two men do it? And how could Oswald be totally excluded from view? The two men carrying him couldn't obscure him.  So, were there other cops blocking Davidson's view? Well, in that case, how did he know that Oswald was being moved? He had to see something, and I mean of Oswald, to know that he was moved, right? So, why didn't his camera see it? Go ahead and watch this. It doesn't do Backes any good.

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