Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So, Combest said that Graves was one who helped carry Oswald into the jail office. But, we can check that because we have a lot of views of Graves. We know he was one of the Penguins who tackled "Ruby." And we know that he wrestled the gun away from "Ruby." So, let's hone in on L.C. Graves in the footage to see what became of him. We'll use the KRLD footage. 

So that's Graves, as the Penguins are doing their thing. Now, keep in mind that in the KRLD footage, the shot goes off at the 13 minute 7 second mark. That's important, as you'll see. 

So now, the herd of penguins is moving towards Main Street, and Graves has got "Ruby" by the arm, as he wrestles the gun away.

Now, Graves has got the gun, and he is separated from the pack of penguins. He's on his own. Note that he is way over past the cubby hole that leads to the office. He's out on the ramp now, on the Main Street side of the ramp. And he stays there a good long while. 

So, he's still there at this point. I started noting the times. This was 13:16. So, it has already been 9 seconds since the shot went off, and Graves is way over on the Main Street side of the ramp.

This is 13 minutes 17 seconds, and Graves is still there. 

That is 13:18, and he's still there. So now, we are 11 seconds into this, and Graves is nowhere near Oswald, never mind picking him up and carrying him into the jail office.

This is right where it's turning to 13:19 and Graves is still there. That is 12 seconds into the frenzy, and Graves is still on the opposite pole to where Oswald was. It's definitely him. Look at the tie pattern.

So again, 12 seconds into it, and Graves is way over on the other side, far away from Oswald, and apparently not even thinking about Oswald. On the right, he's not even looking in Oswald's direction. 

And after that, it was about over. You see the cops with their arms outstretched, doing their barrier thing, restoring order.

Oswald, obviously, had to be gone by then. He wasn't still lying on the garage floor. So, it is simply a despicable lie that Graves was involved in picking up Oswald and moving him into the jail office.

So, Combest lied. But did Graves? Let's find out:

Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, did Jack say anything?
Mr. GRAVES. No; not to me. I had his arm over and my back to him and, of course, officers were covering him up, and when I got the gun loose from him, of course, they snatched him away from me, and by the time I got straightened up to check that gun and see if the hammer was back or not, they had already taken him into the jail office.

Mr. GRIFFIN. What did you do there? You were standing there or lying? 
Mr. GRAVES. I was standing. I never did go down.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Standing with the gun in your hand, what did you do at that point?
Mr. GRAVES. Put the gun in my pocket and went on inside the jail office. 

Alright, so Graves didn't lie about that. Combest lied. 

Mr. COMBEST. No, sir. He--I didn't hear him say a word hardly, after he had been shot. He was moaning at the time Jimmy Leavelle, Graves, and I laid him down on the floor and removed the handcuffs that he had on him. 

That certainly implies that he, Leavelle, and Graves carried Oswald in from the garage. I know of no other way to interpret it. 

But, let's return to Graves' testimony:

Mr. GRIFFIN. When you arrived inside the jail office, where was Ruby?
Mr. GRAVES. Ruby was, I believe, to my right; just to my right, to the right of the jail office door. Of course, there were men around there and Oswald was back----
Mr. GRIFFIN. How long did you remain there?
Mr. GRAVES. I didn't remain with Ruby at all. Just kind of hesitated and looked over and went on. I believe Montgomery asked me if I got the gun and I said, "Yes," and kept on.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Where did you walk?
Mr. GRAVES. Walked back to where Oswald was.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you hear him say anything?
Mr. GRAVES, I didn't hear him say anything.
Mr. GRIFFIN. What did you do when you got back to where Oswald was?
Mr. GRAVES. Stood there and watched the doctor work with him until the ambulance came.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Then what did you do?
Mr. GRAVES. Well, they put him in the ambulance and I got in the ambulance with him and went to Parkland Hospital.

Now, when he said "walked back to where Oswald was" he could not have meant the garage. There is no way Oswald was still lying on the garage floor at that point in time. So, he must have meant the spot where Oswald was put down within the jail office- by others, not himself. When he referred to the doctor working on Oswald, I presume he meant the Bieb, who was a medical student, not a doctor. And, the Bieb never worked on Oswald. He just looked at him. 

So now we know Graves never claimed to pick Oswald up and carry him into the jail office. Combest is the one who lied about that. Combest lied. He lied about Graves. He lied about Oswald being conscious and communicating to him. And I fear that he lied about a lot more than that. 

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