Friday, January 13, 2017

SS Agent Emory Roberts admitted being on the car phone during the shooting. You can read his statement right here:

But, why did he lie and claim not to pick up the car phone until after the last shot? We can see in the Altgens photo that it was well before the last shot.

I placed an x at the point of his shoulder on each side, and you can see that his left shoulder, which is on our right, looks wider. That's because when he brought the radio phone transmitter to his mouth with his right hand, that arm movement narrowed his shoulder on that side. Try it yourself, you'll see. 

 Can you, or can you not, see that my shoulder on the side of the arm movement looks narrower? It's the same thing with Roberts. He was talking on the phone.

So, why did he lie about when he talked on the phone? And why did they try to obfuscate his talking on the phone in the Altgens photo by putting that black smudge over it?

So, there he is talking on the phone, and we know what happened next: the limo driver Will Greer hit the brakes and effectively stopped the limo. It may not have come to a complete, absolute stop, although many said it did. But regardless, it was at least very close to a complete stop- during the shooting. It did not speed up until AFTER the fatal head shot was incurred. So, obviously he could not have been telling Lawson to speed to the hospital because what followed was braking. I don't doubt that he called Agent Lawson in the lead car, but what really was said?  

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