Thursday, January 5, 2017

The mic/no mic conundrum continues, and here is an interesting take on it by the Wizard.

I liked Jim McGregor's description of the microphone as a 'contraption'. A pertinent observation.

One possible solution to the microphone riddle is the fact that there seems to have been a real microphone just a few yards away - hovering suspiciously over the scene of the shooting. Someone might have thought: 'People will ask why we had that particular spot wired for sound: we had better clumsily cut and paste a microphone onto the wall - no, don't worry about being subtle: take out some bricks and move the heating duct if you have to, and don't worry if the mic looks the same from different angles - and, for good measure, put it in the Beers photos only: that will mess with their minds more than the Altgens.'


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