Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the newsreel video about the Oswald shooting, there are shown two versions of the Oswald shooting. The first appears to be the NBC one, which doesn't show much. But, the second gives a much better view. It starts off being relatively clear and sharp.

But then, it deteriorates into blurriness. 

Now, why is that? And don't be blaming Youtube, Backes. They got the first frame clear, so they could have gotten this one clear. But then, it gets relatively clear again:

But, what is the source of this footage? Whose film is it? It is not the NBC, nor the KRLD, nor the WFAA. And it is not identical to the film that Chiarini uses in his excellent presentation. You certainly don't see the above frame in it. You don't see the above frame anywhere else except this newsreel, that I know of.  And then it jumps to the Jackson lookalike frame, and then it stays there. It freezes on it. It never resumes rolling the footage.

So, what is the source of the footage that Chiarini uses, and what is the source of the one in the newsreel? They are not the same as each other, and they are not the same as any of the others we have seen and identified.

It is amazing that there were so many filmers and photographers in this small space:

That is cropped a little on the left side but not much. So how was it possible that none of those photographers saw with their cameras the picking up and moving of Oswald? They all missed it, and Detective Combest lied about it, claiming that Graves was involved in it, when he wasn't. So, why would he lie about that, and how could every last one of these cameramen miss it? 

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