Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Wizard has started 2017 with a big find and a mystery solved. It turns out that the Beers photo that we thought was uncropped was slightly cropped. And it shows that there were two corners on that left side.

So, on top is the version that we usually see, and below it is the one that shows the second corner. And indeed, the outermost cop in the lineup is standing adjacent to the second corner, as in Jackson.

So, above is Beers and beneath it is Jackson, and what it shows is that entire recessed area got cut out of Jackson by the parallax effect. I tell you though, it's still difficult for me to be OK with this. Look at the relative position of these two guys.

So, they appear lined up with each other along that wall in Beers but are far askew in Jackson? But, here's an even bigger problem: Look at the big tall towering guy in Beers:

With his towering height, shouldn't we see him in Jackson? But, we don't. And, as the Wizard himself said, the discrepancies on the other side of the two photos remain, with Blackie Harrison looming large in the Jackson photo (and for some reason extending his long gorilla arm into the fray) while in Beers, he is reduced to a distant partial image of his face, and he's not doing anything- not smoking, not reaching, etc. Also, in Beers, you've got the guy in the light trench coat who looms large in the position that Blackie is in in Jackson. So, you can't rectify these problems, and it remains absolutely impossible for these two photos to have been taken .6 second apart in time. I thank the Wizard for his excellent work. 

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