Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another thing I can share from my conversation with John Armstrong last night is the origin of him calling the Oswald of fame "Harvey". It was all because of just one person, Myra Larue. She was Oswald's (the famous one's) homeroom teacher at Beauregard junior high school in New Orleans, and she said that he told her to call him "Harvey".

Now, I knew about Myra from John's writings, but I didn't know that she was the only person who claimed that the Oswald of fame asked to be called Harvey. John said that if not for Myra, the "Harvey and Lee" title would not have existed. 
But then, he told me that for a period of several months, the other Oswald went to the same junior high. Remember that they looked alike, but just in the face. Physically, they were different types, where Lee was much bigger. But, is that the reason why Oswald asked to be called Harvey, to distinguish himself from the other LHO? 

Myra said that Harvey was a loner, that he had no friends except one, Ed Vogel, who ended up dying mysteriously at the age of 32. And John is convinced that Ed was murdered. But, I find it interesting that personality-wise, that the famous Oswald was consistent throughout his life in the US, meaning that he was a loner, an outcast, a recluse, and you might say downright anti-social. But yet, he seemed to have a totally different personality in Russia because people there said that he was very social, had lots of friends and was very outgoing and engaging- the life of the party. So why the difference?   

John said the Oswald of fame had a high I.Q. of 121. That put him in the top 1/6 of people.

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