Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mae Brussell believed, as I do, that Jack Ruby was a mind control victim:

"Around the time that Kennedy died in Dallas, Jack Ruby had been in the company of two known hypnotists. One of them was CIA agent David Ferrie, from New Orleans. The other was Billie Del Mar, who was then entertaining in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Del Mar fled from Dallas the day of the Kennedy assassination, and was never called to testify before the Warren Commission. " Mae Brussell

I already mentioned the reported connection between William Joseph Bryan (the CIA hypnotist with suspected ties to Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, and Arthur Bremer) and David Ferrie, that they were both CIA and both "bishops" in the "Old Catholic Church."

But now, I have a direct reference to an association between William Joseph Bryan and David Ferrie. It is reported in the book A Secret Order by H.P. Albarelli. 

   From Amazon:

Reporting new and never-before-published information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this investigation dives straight into the deep end, and seeks to prove the CIA’s involvement in one of the most controversial topics in American history. Featuring intelligence gathered from CIA agents who reported their involvement in the assassination, the case is broken wide open while covering unexplored ground. Gritty details about the assassination are interlaced throughout, while primary and secondary players to the murder are revealed in the in-depth analysis. Although a tremendous amount has been written in the nearly five decades since the assassination, there has never been, until now, a publication to explore the aspects of the case that seemed to defy explanation or logic.

Now, here is the quote from page 435 of the book, but keep in mind that Albarelli was quoting someone else. And, believe it or not, it's my old nemesis Greg Parker. That's Prayermanite Greg Parker, you know, of the Prayermanites. That's Greg Parker who has been defended by Joseph Backes, who invited Backes to speak at his JFK conference in Melbourne, Australia. That's the bunch that Backes described as "honest JFK researchers": 

Now, here is what Greg Parker and his associate Steven Duffy wrote about William Joseph Bryan:  

"Steven Duffy and Greg Parker research on William Bryan, Jr.: Hypnotist Bryan died under very strange circumstances in a motel room in Las Vegas. The details of his death vary and are quite unclear. Some reports assert that he died of heart attack; others state he was shot to death, and still others claim he committed suicide after having a three-day party of sorts with two underage prostitutes. One additional report states that Bryan was killed by a prostitute after he told her he had hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan to murder Robert Kennedy. (Some readers may recall that in the past 25 years at least ten CIA employees have died under strange circumstances in various motel rooms across the country.) Bryan was once charged in Nevada (his home state) for furnishing liquor to a young girl under the age of eighteen while he was attempting to convince her of the merits of 'free love.' In 1961 Bryan was extradited to California to face charges filed by District Attorney William Raggio, who was a close friend of Frank Sinatra. Reportedly, Bryan was very close to Sinatra. Bryan told a number of people that Sinatra was responsible for his being hired as a consultant on the film, The Manchurian Candidate. Bryan lost his license to practice medicine in California. Bryan, like Dr. Renatus Hartogs before him, was once found guilty of sexual misconduct with four female patients. Reportedly, he paid another woman $50,000 to not file a sexual misconduct complaint against him. There are also claims the Brian hypnotized and programmed would-be-assassin Arthur Bremer to kill Gov. George Wallace in Maryland. And last, but not least, Bryan was a close associate David Ferrie, having taught Ferrie hypnosis. Bryan, like Ferrie, was a member of the Old Catholic Church."
(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, pg. 435n)

Most of what it says there about William Joseph Bryan is widely reported elsewhere. But that last thing: that Bryan was a "close associate" of David Ferrie, HAVING TAUGHT HIM HYPNOSIS, that jumped out at me. 

Now, I admit that I have been mislead by Greg Parker before, that I am VERY wary of him, and I have been since my days on Education Forum. I have NO respect for him whatsoever. However, there is this blogger who goes by the name VISUP who put it succinctly:

"As far as this researcher is aware, the above-mentioned Duffy and Parker are the only individuals who have alleged that Bryan personally knew Ferrie and had even trained him in hypnosis. Still, William Turner (a former FBI agent) and John Christian in researching their classic The Assassination of Robert Kennedy turned up evidence that Bryan and Ferrie belonged to the same branch of the Old Roman Catholic Church. (both were 'bishops' in that church) Given their involvement in far right-wing politics as well, the possibility that Ferrie and Bryan knew each other is quite strong." 

I should also point out that there have been reports that Ferrie tried to hypnotize Oswald, and the one who claimed that was Richard Case Nagell. However, I am not convinced that Oswald (the Oswald of fame, HARVEY in John Armstrong's terminology) was mind-controlled by anyone. You can't compare Oswald to Sirhan Sirhan or Jack Ruby. In comparison to those two, Oswald was clear, sharp, and focused. I know of nothing that anyone can point to in Oswald's behavior or statements to suggest that he was under the influence of mind control.

And that's why if we are going to try to find a link between William Joseph Bryan and the JFK assassination, I don't think it goes to Oswald. I think it goes to Ruby. The fact is that William Joseph Bryan died under very suspicious circumstances during the HSCA- like so many others. If what Greg Parker said is true that Bryan was directly linked to Ferrie, and if what Mae Brussell said is true that Ferrie was directly linked to Ruby, then it means that Bryan was linked to Ruby. 

The government sent Dr. Louis Joylan West out to treat Ruby, but Bryan had lost his medical license at the time. The question is: how close were West and Bryan? 

If Bryan was killed, was that the reason he was killed, because of his involvement in brainwashing Jack Ruby? I don't know of anything else in the JFK realm that it could be. 

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