Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Wizard has provided this very clear view of Bookhout's ear, plus a repeat of it with the contour outlined.

It is certainly nothing like Ruby's ear who had a much thicker helix and a heavier ear overall. 

I'll point that now that we are back to zero images of James Bookhout from the assassination weekend (except for the two unofficial ones we found from shortly after the Oswald shooting) it again registers on me just how strange it is. Bookhout followed Oswald around practically the whole time, and cameras were constantly on Oswald. So, how could Bookhout never be captured? Look how many images of Boyd we have. Why not Bookhout?
Oh, there is of course this image of Bookhout that was highly altered to conceal his identity.

That's Bookhout, to whom Oswald was talking, and this is the image that got the ball rolling. 

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