Saturday, February 11, 2017

Richard Hooke continues to mislead about a very important thing which I cannot allow. He thinks that the plotters saw Oswald in the doorway of the Altgens photo and decided to just leave him; to just say that he was Lovelady. As if that is all they had to do. As if they could say he was Richard Nixon if they wanted to, and the dumb rubes would believe them.

Well, that was not the case. They had a photo-altering team in place. And remember, this team started altering BEFORE the assassination. If you believe that Oswald was innocent, then you have no choice but to believe that the Backyard photos were altered, that they were concocted. That's because in them, Oswald is brandishing the alleged murder, weapon which he denied even owning. Plus, he, himself, said that the Backyard photo, which they showed him, was concocted, that they put his face over another man's body. So, if they could do that BEFORE the assassination, why couldn't they move part of Lovelady's face, which included his hairline, over to Oswald AFTER the assassination? Of course, they could, and of course they did. If they had the means to do it for the Backyard photo, then they had the means to do it for the Altgens photo.

And that is what gave them the confidence to claim that Doorman was Lovelady. These people were arrogant, but they weren't that arrogant. They weren't so arrogant as to think that they could just say that Oswald was Lovelady. and that people would believe them. And, it would be really stupid of them to think that. It would be childish and stupid. The problem here is that Richard Hooke is childish and stupid, and he therefore thinks they were as childish and stupid as he is. Believe me, they were NOT that stupid.

Just try to imagine how the conversation would have gone, were it true:

Agent1: Look. There is Oswald. Oswald is standing in the doorway when he is supposed to be up on the 6th floor shooting Kennedy. So, we'll have to say he's somebody else. We'll go with Billy Lovelady.

Agent2: We can't just say he's Lovelady. Who's going to believe that?

Agent1: The dumb rubes will believe whatever we tell them. We could tell 'em that he's Adlai Stevenson and they'd believe it.

Agent2: But, Oswald and Lovelady don't look the least bit alike in the face, and there's 40 pounds difference between them in weight. Plus, their clothes are completely different. So, how are people going to believe it? Just because we say it?

Agent1: Bingo! Now you know why I'm at a higher pay grade.

Agent2: Yeah, but even if some people believe it just because we say it, don't you think other people are going to notice it and refuse to believe it and start telling others about it? How many do you think it will to take to squawk about this before it causes trouble, serious trouble?

Agent1: Nobody is going to fight it. What, you think 50 years from now, people are going to be blabbing about Oswald in the doorway? Maybe start an organization based on Oswald in the doorway? Yeah, right. You're such an idiot.

Agent2: Yeah, but what will it hurt if we just get the photo team, the ones who worked on the Backyard photos, to look at this and see what they can do. Think of it like insurance.

Agent1: We don't need no God-damn insurance. All we need are words. You just wag your lips. We just say he's Lovelady. It's all we have to do.

Agent2: But, you believe in insurance, don't you? You insure your home, don't you? You know, against like say, lightening?

Agent 1: Lightening? What's lightening?

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