Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jean Davison 
On 2/13/2017 10:21 PM, Ralph Cinque wrote:

     The Oswald at the "lighter than air" base is the one and only Lee
Harvey Oswald. Oswald's radar crew chief Donovan explained this apparent
contradiction way back in 1964:


Mr. ELY. Excuse me. There is something in these service records that
confuses me. Is the installation at Santa Ana separate from the one at
El Toro?

Mr. DONOVAN. It comes under the command of El Toro, but it is, I
believe, 5 miles removed. El Toro is a jet type base. Santa Ana is still
known by the title of "LTA", which stands for lighter than air, which
stems from the fact that in World War II it was a blimp base. It is now
a helicopter base and a radar base.


Once again a conspiracy theorist sees an apparent discrepancy in
the record, misinterprets it as a "clue," and ends up in fantasyland.
Meanwhile the answer was right there in the record all along. 

Ralph Cinque: 

You have got some nerve, Jean. That's all it takes for you, huh? But, what did Donovan say? He said that El Toro was a jet base while Santa Ana was originally a blimp station but it became a helicopter and radar base. How does that exonerate anything? He said that they were 5 miles apart when they were 10 miles apart, and farther apart than that in driving distance. So, how does that resolve anything? John Amstrong talked to Marines who were at El Toro who said they knew a Lee Harvey Oswald there, and he spoke to Marines at Santa Ana who knew a Lee Harvey Oswald there, with different descriptions of each. Obviously, there was an Oswald at Santa Ana because he's the one that Nelson Delgado knew and gave extensive testimony about, including his grasp of Russian. 

So, where did El Toro come from? Keep in mind that Oswald was at El Toro earlier in 1957. But, he went back there in late 1958 up to March 1959, and there were Marines there who said that they knew him. And they were talking about the big Marine airport with 5000 Marines not the Lighter Than Air place with only 500 Marines. 

Do you want a name of one of those Marines at El Toro who knew Oswald? Alan Graf. Alan Graf said he was stationed with Lee Harvey Oswald at El Toro Marine airport at the end of 1958 and into 1959- when he was supposed to be at Santa Ana. And WC lawyer John Hart Ely wrote a memo expressing his concern about this conflicting testimony.

And we know the details. The Oswald at El Toro was stationed at Marine Wing Headquarters Group III, Airport Radar Team 1. That's the Marine airport at El Toro NOT the Lighter Than Air radar facility. 

What really bothers me, Jean, is your mind, the way it works, that you could construe that testimony of Donovan as meaningful evidence in this matter. Are you really that obtuse? But, on the bright side, I am making you famous.

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